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Willie Huitch

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SoulWalking: Willie HutchSoulWalking: Willie Hutch
Classic Motown: Willie HutchClassic Motown: Willie Hutch

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A versatile figure during Motown's "golden years," Willie Hutch penned hits for other artists, as well as issuing albums on his own. Born Willie McKinley Hutchinson during 1946 in Los Angeles, CA, Hutch was raised in Dallas, TX, where he began signing as a teenager (as a member of an outfit called the Ambassadors). It was also during his teenaged years that Hutch began penning his own songs, and in 1964 issued a debut solo single, "Love Has Put Me Down." Soon after, his songwriting talents attracted the attention of the soon to be renowned '60s pop-soul outfit the 5th Dimension, for whom Hutch penned several tracks, as well as earning a co-production credit for the group's 1967 debut full-length Up, Up and Away. In 1970, producer Hal Davis asked Hutch to help finish off a song he desperately needed completed for the Jackson 5, "I'll Be There." Hutch delivered; the band recorded Hutch's version the next day, as it eventually became one of the 5's biggest early hits, and led to Motown head honcho Berry Gordy hiring Hutch to act as a songwriter/producer for other Motown artists on a regular basis.

Hutch then produced albums for Michael Jackson and Smokey Robinson during the early '70s, during which time Hutch penned the soundtrack to the 1973 blaxploitation flick The Mack on his own. The soundtrack is often considered to be one of the era's finest, as it spawned such funk-soul classics as the title track, "Brother's Gonna Work It Out," and "Slick." Hutch continued to issue solo releases for Motown, including such titles as Fully Exposed (1973), Foxy Brown, (1975), The Mark of the Beast (1975), Concert in Blues (1976), and Color Her Sunshine (1976), among others. After briefly relocating to the Whitfield record company for a few releases, Hutch returned back to Motown, where he issued further solo albums and worked with others, including a duet between the Four Tops and Aretha Franklin (1983's "What Have We Got to Lose"), Sammy Davis, Jr.'s "Hello Detroit" (1984), and a soundtrack album for the 1985 movie The Last Dragon. Hutch sporadically issued further solo sets in the '90s (1994's From the Heart and 1996's The Mack Is Back), before returning six years later with 2002's Sexalicious. He passed away on September 19, 2005, at his home outside Dallas, TX.

-- Greg Prato of All Music Guide.
Brother's Gonna Work it Out
Baby, Come Home

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1969Soul Portrait
1970Season For Love
1973Fully Exposed
1973The Mack (Original Soundtrack)
1974Foxy Brown (Original Soundtrack)
1975Mark Of The Beast
1975Ode To My Lady
1976Color Her Sunshine
1976Concert In Blues
1977Having A House Party
1979In Tune
1980Midnight Dancer
1983In & Out
1985Making A Game Out Of Love
1994From The Heart
1996The Mack Is Back
1998The Very Best Of Willie Hutch


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1969 Soul Portrait

01. Ain�t Gonna Stop
02. You Can�t Miss Something You Never Had
03. A Love That�s Worth Havin�
04. Good To The Last Drop
05. That�s What I Call Lovin� You
06. You Gotta Try
07. Let Me Give You The Love You Need
08. Lucky To Be Loved By You
09. Keep On Doing What You Do
10. Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher
11. Do What You Wanna Do

1970 Season For Love

1973 Fully Exposed

01. I Wanna Be Where You Are
02. Can�t Get Ready For Losing You
03. I Just Wanted To Make Her Happy
04. California My Way
05. Tell Me Why Has Our Love Turned Cold
06. Sunshine Lady
07. I�ll Be There
08. If You Ain�t Got No Money
09. Ain�t Nothing Like Togetherness

1973 The Mack (Original Soundtrack)

01. Vampin�
02. Theme Of The Mack
03. I Choose You
05. Slick
06. Mack Man (got to get over)
07. Mother�s Theme (mama)>br> 08. Now That It�s All Over
09. Brothers Gonna Work It Out


1974 Foxy Brown (Original Soundtrack)

01. Chase
02. Theme Of Foxy Brown
03. Overture Of Foxy Brown
04. Hospital Prelude Of Love Theme
05. Give Me Some Of That Good Old Love
06. Out There
07. Foxy Lady
08. You Sure Know How To Love Your Man
09. Have You Ever Asked Yourself Why
10. Ain�t That (mellow, mellow)
11. Whatever You Do (do it good)

1975 Mark Of The Beast

01. Get Ready For The Get Down
02. The Mark Of The Beast
03. Try It You�ll Like It
04. Life�s No Fun Living In The Ghetto
05. I�m Gonna Stay
06. Woman You Touched Me
07. Do The Thing That�s Best For You
08. Don�t Let Nobody Tell You
09. Woman I Still Got Loving You On My Mind

1975 Ode To My Lady

01. Party Down
02. The Way We Were
03. Since I Found You Everything�s Alright
04. I�m Gonna Hold On
05. Ode To My Lady
06. Love Power
07. Just Another Day
08. Talk To Me
09. Love Me Back
10. You Gotta Give Love Up

1976 Color Her Sunshine

01. Come On Girl Let�s Get It On
02. I Feel Like We Can Make It
03. Color Her Sunshine
04. I Like Everything About You
05. Shake It, Shake It
06. Let Me Be The One
07. She�s Just doing Her Thing
08. We Can Make It Baby
09. I�m Gonna Be Around


1976 Concert In Blues

01. Party Down
02. I Finally Made The Headlines
03. Baby Come Home
04. Stormy Weather
05. I Wish You Love
06. Come On Let�s Do The Thang
07. Don�t Let A Little Money Keep You Acting Funny
08. Stormy Monday
09. Precious Pearl
10. Shake Rattle And Roll

1977 Having A House Party

01. Willie�s Boogie
02. We Gonna Have A House Party
03. What You Gonna Do After The Party
04. I Can Sho� Give You Love
05. I Never Had It So Good
06. We Gonna Party Tonight
07. After Love Is Gone
08. Soul Strut
09. Train Of Love

1979 In Tune

01. And All Hell Broke Loose
02. Paradise
03. All American Funkathon
04. Anything Is Possible If You Believe In Love
05. Come On And Dance With Me
06. Easy Does It
07. Hip Shaking Sexy Lady
08. Nothing Lasts Forever

1980 Midnight Dancer


1983 In & Out

01. In And Out
02. Slick
03. Brothers Gonna Work It Out
04. Sunshine Lady
05. Get Ready For The Get Down
06. You Sure Know How To Love Your Man
07. Theme Of Foxy Brown
08. Love Power
09. Tell Me Why Our Love Turned Cold
10. Shake It, Shake It
11. Party Down
12. If You Ain�t Got No Money
13. We Gonna Party Tonight
14. What You Gonna Do After The Party

1985 Making A Game Out Of Love

01. She�s Making A Game Out Of Love
02. Super Sexy
03. The Very Best Of Love
04. The Glow
05. Don�t Act Like That
06. Sexy Feelin�
07. Always
08. Keep On Jammin�
09. Inside You

1994 From The Heart

01. She�s A Super Lover
02. So Excited
03. Love You With A Feeling
04. You Ought To Be With Me
05. Rock This House
06. Deva
07. She�s So Fine
08. Precious Little Girl
09. Imagine If
10. Never Be For Me (another you)

1996 The Mack Is Back

01. Ode 2 Da Mack
02. Here Comes Slick
03. You�re The One I Choose
04. Brothers� Theme
05. Living Water
06. Working For A Living
07. Feeling Sexual
08. Rock Your Body
09. The Other Woman
10. Too Right To Be Wrong
11. Hiding Place
12. Real Deal

1998 The Very Best Of Willie Hutch

01. Love Power
02. Party Down
03. The Way We Were
04. I�ll Be There
05. I Choose You
06. Slick
07. What You Gonna Do After The Party
08. Get Ready For The Get Down
09. Stormy Weather
10. Theme Of Foxy Brown
11. Overture Of Foxy Brown
12. Sunshine Lady
13. If You Ain�t Got No Money
14. Brothers Gonna Work It Out
15. In And Out (12� version)

2002 Sexalicious

01. I�ve Got To Get You Back
02. Sexalicious
03. All The Way
04. Leave It Alone
05. You Can�t Take It Back
06. Talk To Me
07. Rock Your Body
08. Super Lover
09. I Wouldn�t Have It Any Other Way
10. Piece Of The Action
11. Keep It Real
12. Rock This House
13. Sexy Dancer
14. Um, Hum Good
15. Do It To Ya


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