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Tyrone Davis

Tyrone Davis


Tyrone Davis: Mississippi MusicianTyrone Davis: Mississippi Musician
Tyrone Davis: Classic SoulTyrone Davis: Classic Soul
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The king of romantic Chicago soul, Tyrone Davis' warm, aching vulnerability and stylish class made him especially popular with female soul fans during a lengthy hitmaking run that lasted throughout the '70s. Best known for the classics "Can I Change My Mind" and "Turn Back the Hands of Time," Davis was a versatile baritone singer who could handle everything from pop-soul to funk to bluesy chitlin-circuit R&B, but smooth soul was his true bread and butter. Once Davis broke through in the late '60s, he never really stopped recording; although the R&B chart hits dried up by the early '80s, he was still going strong into the new millennium, decades after his first single was released.

Tyrone Davis was born May 4, 1938, in Greenville, MS and died Feb 9, 2005; he spent most of his formative years in Saginaw, MI, and moved to Chicago in 1959, where he eventually found a job as a valet and chauffeur for bluesman Freddie King. He befriended the likes of Bobby "Blue" Bland, Little Milton, and Otis Clay, among others, and began to pursue his own singing career in the clubs on the city's West and South Sides. Singer/pianist Harold Burrage took Davis under his wing and helped him refine his craft, and the budding blues shouter got his first shot in 1965 on the Four Brothers label. His first single, "Suffer," was recorded under the name Tyrone the Wonder Boy and written and produced by Burrage, as was the follow-up "Good Company." Unfortunately, Burrage passed away in late 1966, and after one more single Davis moved on to cut one-offs for Sack and ABC. He found a home at Carl Davis' new label Dakar in 1968, when a Texas DJ flipped his first release over and started playing the B-side, "Can I Change My Mind." Showcasing Davis' lovelorn pleading to best effect, the song went all the way to number one on the R&B charts, and reached the pop Top Five as well.

Teamed with producer/arranger Willie Henderson, who'd masterminded "Can I Change My Mind," Davis capitalized on his breakthrough with a string of orchestrated hits that emphasized his new, smoother style, and helped point the way for Chicago soul into a new decade. "Is It Something You've Got" reached the R&B Top Five in 1969, and it was followed in 1970 by the sublime "Turn Back the Hands of Time." It was his second R&B number one, and also his biggest hit on the pop charts with a peak at number three; plus, the accompanying album of the same name ranks among the best soul LPs of its time, producing two more hits in the R&B Top Ten "I'll Be Right Here" and "Let Me Back In." Davis hit the R&B Top 40 with steady regularity over the next few years, including the Top Tens "Could I Forget You," "I Had It All the Time," "Without You in My Life," and "There It Is." In 1975, he scored his third number one R&B hit with "Turning Point," but left Dakar for Columbia the following year.

Davis' ballad mastery was a main selling point for Columbia, which made his backing orchestrations even lusher than before, but he also made the occasional concession to contemporary dance trends, which informed his debut Columbia hit "Give It Up (Turn It Loose)," a number two R&B single from 1976. Further successes followed in "This I Swear" (1977), "Get On Up (Disco)" (1978), and the slinky ballad "In the Mood" (1979). Davis recorded his final album for Columbia in 1981, then switched to Highrise, where he promptly landed a Top Five R&B hit -- his last, as it turned out -- with "Are You Serious" in 1982. Short stints with Ocean-Front and Prelude followed before Davis settled in with Future for the latter half of the '80s. He spent the first half of the '90s on retro-soul label Ichiban, recording several albums, and then moved to Southern soul imprint Malaco in 1996 for an equally productive stay that lasted into the new millennium. Davis continued to release new albums every year or two, and toured the soul/blues circuit as restlessly as ever.

-- Steve Huey, All Music Guife


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1969Can I Change My Mind
1970I Had It All the Time
1970Turn Back The Hands Of Time
1973Without You in My Life
1974It's All in the Game
1975Home Wrecker
1976Love & Touch
1976Turning Point!
1977Let's Be Closer Together
1978I Can't Go All the Way
1979Can't You Tell It�s Me
1979In the Mood with Tyrone Davis
1980I Just Can't Keep on Going
1982Tyrone Davis
1983Our Shining Hour
1983Something Good
1983Tyrone Davis� Greatest Hits
1985The Tyrone Davis Story
1987Man of Stone
1988Flashin' Back
1990Come on Over
1991Sexy Thing
1991I'll Always Love You
1992Something's Mighty Wrong
1992Tyrone Davis: The Best Of The Future Years
1994You Stay on My Mind
1995It's So Good
1997Pleasing You
1999Call Tyrone
2000For the Good Times
2000Relaxin' with Tyrone
2002Love Line
2003Come to Daddy
2004Legendary Hall of Famer


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1969 Can I Change My Mind

01. She's Looking Good
02. Knock on Wood
03. Have You Ever Wondered Why?
04. Slip Away
05. Good Times
06. Can I Change My Mind
07. Open the Door to Your Heart
08. Call on Me
09. Just the One (I've Been Looking For)
10 You Can't Keep a Good Man Down
11. A Woman Needs to Be Loved

1970 I Had It All the Time

01. Your Love Keeps Haunting Me
02. Was It Just A Feeling
03. This Time
04. How Could I Forget You
05. After All This Time
06. Was I Just A Fool
07. Come And Get This Ring
08. You Wouldn�t Believe
09. I Had It All The Time

1970 Turn Back The Hands Of Time

01. Turn Back the Hands of Time
02. All the Waiting Is Not in Vain
03. Let Me Back In
04. Love Bones
05. I'll Be Right Here
06. Is It Something You've Got?
07. Undying Love
08. Just Because of You
09. If It's Love That You're After
10. I Keep Coming Back


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1973 Without You in My Life

1974 It's All in the Game

1975 Home Wrecker

1976 Love & Touch

1976 Turning Point!

01. It's So Good (To Be Home With You)
02. Turning Point
03. Forever
04. I Can't Bump, Pt. 1
05. Saving My Love for You
06. Ever-Lovin' Girl
07. Don't Let It Be Too Late
08. I Can't Bump, Pt. 2
09. Turn Back the Hands of Time [1976 Version]

1977 Let's Be Closer Together

01. All You Got
02. I Just Can't Keep on Going
03. If That's What It Takes
04. Playing in the Sand
05. This I Swear
06. I Got Carried Away
07. You Need Love
08. Let�s Be Closer Together


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1978 I Can't Go All the Way

1979 Can't You Tell It's Me

1979 In the Mood with Tyrone Davis

01. In The Mood
02. You Know What To Do
03. I Can�t Wait
04. Keep On Dancin�
05. I Don�t Think You Heard Me
06. Ain�t Nothing I Can Do
07. All The Love I Need
08. We Were In Love Then

1980 I Just Can't Keep on Going

1982 Tyrone Davis

1983 Our Shining Hour

1983 Something Good

1983 Tyrone Davis� Greatest Hits

01. Can I Change My Mind
02. A Woman Needs To Be Loved
03. Turn Back The Hands Of Time
04. There It Is
05. I Wish It Was Me
06. Without You In My Life
07. Is It Something You�ve Got
08. I Had It All The Time
09. Turning Point
10. I�ll Be Right Here
11. Could I Forget You
12. Let Me Back In


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1985 The Tyrone Davis Story

01. Can I Change My Mind
02. One Way Ticket To Nowhere
03. Turning Point
04. I Wish It Was Me
05. After All This Time
06. So Good(to be home with you)
07. I had It All The Time
08. A Woman Needs To Be Loved
09. Turn Back The Hands Of Time
10. Without You In My Life
11. Is It Something You�ve Got
12. Have You Ever wondered Why
13. There�s Got To Be An Answer
14. You Keep Me Holding On
15. I Keep Coming Back

1987 Man of Stone

01. I'm in Love Again
02. You Are the One
03. You Make Me Feel So Good
04. All of Me
05. You're Everything (I Want in a Woman)
06. I Wanna Talk Love
07. I've Got You (You've Got Me)
08. Serious Love

1987 Pacifier

01. Turning Point
02. Are You Serious
03. Overdue
04. You Can Win If You Want
05. Be Honest With Me
06. Let Me Be Your Pacifier
07. You Stay on My Mind
08. Where Did We Lose
09. One in a Million
10. Sexy Thing
11. More and More


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1988 Flashin' Back

01. It's a Miracle
02. It Keeps on Flashin' Back
03. Try It Baby
04. Wrong Doers
05. Do You Feel It
06. I'm Still in Love With You
07. Be Honest With Me
08. All the Love I Need

1990 Come on Over

1990 Man

1991 Sexy Thing

01. Let Me Be the One
02. Save Me
03. Overdue
04. Satisfy You (Before I Satisfy Me)
05. Sexy Thing
06. Forever
07. More and More
08. Be Honest With Me

1991 I'll Always Love You

01. I'll Always Love You
02. Prove My Love
03. Talk to You
04. Let Me Love You
05. Do U Still Love Me
06. Can I Change Your Mind
07. A Woman Needs to Be Loved
08. Mom's Apple Pie


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1992 Something's Mighty Wrong

01. Something's Mighty Wrong
02. Running in and out of My Life
03. Big Cat
04. Ain't Gonna Get It
05. Wishin' Well
06. I'm Learning
07. Don't Make Me Choose
08. I've Gotta Get Over You

1992 Tyrone Davis: The Best Of The Future Years

01. Do You Feel It
02. It�s A Miracle
03. (it keeps on) Flashing Back
04. Heart Failure
05. Overdue
06. Sexy Thing
07. Come On Over
08. Wrong Doers
09. I�m So Excited
10. Be Honest With Me
11. You Stay On My Mind
12. All Of Me

1994 You Stay on My Mind

01. You Stay on My Mind
02. Let Me Be Your Pacifier
03. I Found Myself When I Lost You
04. All Because of Your Love
05. You Can Win If You Want
06. I Won't Let Go
07. Something Good About a Woman
08. You're My Heart, You're My Soul


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1995 It's So Good

1996 Simply

01. Ain't That Good Enough
02. My Key
03. Freak
04. I Wish It Was Me
05. Where Are You Lady
06. Please
07. Linger a Little Longer
08. Never Ever Let You Go
09. In the Mood
10 Can I Squeeze You

1997 Pleasing You

01. U Should Be My Girl
02. Black Magic
03. Delicious
04. I Wanna Do You
05. Gotta Get You off My Mind
06. Keep It Comin'
07. We Can't Go on Like This
08. Temporary Lovin
09. Let Me Please You
10. (Such an) Easy Question

1999 Call Tyrone

01. Call Tyrone
02. Turn Back the Clock
03. You Got What It Takes
04. I Can't Help Myself
05. Ooh la La
06. Sleep With Me
07. Cheatin' in the Next Room
08. You Don't Love Me
09. All the Waiting Is Not in Vain
10. Leavin'


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2000 For the Good Times

01. I've Never Found a Girl
02. For the Good Times
03. I Love You Baby
04.You Made Me Beautiful
05. Comin' Back Baby
06. Turn Back the Hands of Time
07. It's So Good (To Be Home With You)
08. Can I Change My Mind
09. Crossfire
10. You're Heaven Sent
11. My Place
12. It's All over Now

2000 Relaxin' with Tyrone

01. Sugar Daddy
02. Kiss You
03. He'll Never Love You
04. Sure Wasn't Me
05. Leavin' Me
06. What's a Man to Do
07. Power
08. Can't Help But Say
09. Family Affair
10. Tribute to Johnnie Taylor

2002 Love Line

01. Po House
02. Tip Tow Through the Bedroom
03. Who's Been Rockin'
04. I Hit the Jackpot
05. Sweet Thang
06. Love Line
07. You're Something Else (With Yourself)
08. Ring My Phone
09. I'm Hanging Up My Heart for You
10. Lover


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2003 Come to Daddy

01. Dogg
02. Bangin� the Headboard
03. Come to Daddy
04. Tease
05. Rock Me
06. Whip Appeal
07. Slide on Over
08. Back That Thang Up
09. Wrong Place
10. You Are
11. I Wake Up Crying
12. The Ties That Bind

2004 Legendary Hall of Famer

01. The Legendary Hall of Famer (Intro)
02. Get Your Groove On
03. Anyway
04. Try My Love
05. Hot Spot
06. Can I Stop By
07. Handle Your Business
08. Let's Stay Together
09. Stepper's Holiday
10. Who's Loving You Now
11. Suspicious Mind

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