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Three Dog Night

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Old Fashioned Love SongOld Fashioned Love Song

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Three Dog Night scored a succession of 21 hit singles, including eleven Top Tens, and twelve consecutive gold albums from 1969 to 1975, thanks to the slick, sometimes soulful vocal harmonies of singers Danny Hutton, Chuck Negron, and Cory Wells and an excellent ear for quality material. While often criticized as commercial, the band was noted for its creative arrangements and interpretations, and their cover choices gave exposure (and royalties) to several talented songwriters: Nilsson ("One"), Laura Nyro ("Eli's Coming"), Randy Newman ("Mama Told Me (Not to Come)"), Hoyt Axton ("Joy to the World"), Argent's Russ Ballard ("Liar"), and Leo Sayer ("The Show Must Go On").

Wells and Hutton met in the '60s while the former was the lead singer of the Enemies and the latter, a writer/producer for Hanna Barbera Records who had recorded several singles, served as producer. In 1967, Hutton conceived the idea of a three-vocalist group, and he and Wells enlisted mutual friend Negron. They took their name from an Australian expression describing low nocturnal temperatures in the outback (the colder the night, the more dogs needed to keep warm while sleeping). The three cut a few unsuccessful singles and decided to expand their range by hiring backing musicians, who included guitarist Mike Allsup, keyboardist Jimmy Greenspoon, bassist Joe Schermie, and drummer Floyd Sneed. "One" became the band's first Top Ten hit in 1969, while "Mama Told Me (Not to Come)" hit number one a year later.

"Joy to the World" became the group's biggest hit in 1971, spending six weeks on top of the pop charts, and their streak continued with their final number one, 1972's "Black and White" (a U.K. reggae hit for Greyhound), and their final Top Ten, 1974's "The Show Must Go On." By 1976, internal dissent arose in the group and Three Dog Night officially disbanded a year later. There was a reunion in the early '80s, and Hutton and Wells have since taken Three Dog Night out on the international touring circuit. In 2002 With The London Symphony was released and then, in 2004, to celebrate their 35th anniversary, The 35th Anniversary Hits Collection was released.

-- All Music Guide, by Steve Huey

Cory Wells passed away at age 74, on October 20, 2015.

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Album 11969Three Dog Night
Album 21969Suitable for Framing
Album 31969Captured Live at the Forum
Album 41970It Ain't Easy
Album 51970Naturally
Album 61971Harmony
Album 71972Seven Separate Fools
Album 81973Around the World with Three Dog Night
Album 81973Cyan
Album 91974Golden Biscuits
Album 101974Hard Labor
Album 111975Coming Down Your Way
Album 121976American Pastime
Album 131984It's a Jungle
Album 152002Three Dog Night with the London Symphony Orchestra
Album 16200435th Anniversary Hits Collection
Album 142008Three Dog Night: Greatest Hits Live

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1969 Three Dog Night

01. One
02. Nobody
03. Heaven Is In Your Mind
04. It's For You
05. Let Me Go
06. Chest Fever
07. Find Someone To Love
08. Bet No One Ever Hurt This Bad
09. Don't Make Promises
10. The Loner
11. Try A Little Tenderness
12. Time To Get Away (Redwood) (Mono)
13. It's For You (Mono single version)
14. Try A Little Tenderness (Mono single version)

1969 Suitable for Framing

01. Feelin Alright
02. Lady Samantha
03. Dreaming Isn't Good For You
04. A Change Is Gonna Come
05. Eli's Coming
06. Easy To Be Hard
07. Ain t That A Lotta Love
08. King Solomon's Mines
09. Circle For A Landing
10. Celebrate
11. Eli's Coming (Stereo single version)(Bonus Track)
12. Celebrate (Mono single version) (Bonus Track)

1969 Captured Live at the Forum

01. Heaven Is In Your Mind (Live At The Forum)
02. Feeling Alright (Live At The Forum)
03. It's For You (Live At The Forum)
04. Nobody (Live At The Forum)
05. One (Live At The Forum)
06. Chest Fever (Live At The Forum)
07. Eli's Coming (Live At The Forum)
08. Easy To Be Hard (Live At The Forum)
09. Try A Little Tenderness (Live At The Forum)
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1970 It Ain't Easy

1. Woman
2. Cowboy
3. It Aint Easy
4. Out In The Country
5. Good Feeling (1957)
6. Rock And Roll Widow
7. Mama Told Me (Not To Come)
8. Your Song
9. Good Time Living

1970 Naturally

01. I Can Hear You Calling (Single Version)
02. One Man Band
03. I'll Be Creeping (Album Version)
04. Fire Eater (Album Version)
05. Can't Get Enough Of It (Album Version)
06. Sunlight (Album Version)
07. Heavy Church (Album Version)
08. Liar (Album Version) [Clean]
09. I've Got Enough Heartache (Album Version)
10. Joy To The World (Album Version)

1971 Harmony

01. Never Been To Spain
02. My Impersonal Life
03. An Old Fashioned Love Song
04. Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer
05. Jam
06. You
07. Night In The City
08. Murder In My Heart For The Judge
09. Family Of Man
10. Intro -Poem: Mistakes And Illusions - Peace Of Mind
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1972 Seven Separate Fools

01. Black And White (Album Version)
02. My Old Kentucky Home (Turpentine And Dandelion Wine)
03. Prelude To Morning (Album Version)
04. Pieces Of April (Single Version)
05. Going In Circles (Single Version)
06. Chained (Album Version)
07. Tulsa Turnaround (Album Version)
08. In Bed (Album Version)
09. Freedom For The Stallion (Album Version)
10. The Writings On The Wall (Album Version)
11. Midnight Runaway (Album Version)

1973 Around the World with Three Dog Night

01. One Man Band
02. Never Been to Spain
03. Going in Circles
04. Family of Man
05. Midnight Runaway
06. Liar
07. Good Feeling (1957)
08. Organ Solo
09. Eli's Coming
10. Joy to the World
11. Black and White
12. Pieces of April
13. Out in the Country
14. Mama Told Me (Not to Come)
15. Drum Solo
16. An Old Fashioned Love Song
17. Jam

1973  Cyan

1. Happy Song
2. Play Children Play
3. Storybook Feeling
4. Ridin' Thumb
5. Shambala
6. Singer Man
7. Let Me Serenade You
8. Lay Me Down Easy
9. Into My Life
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1974 Golden Biscuits

01. One
02. Try A Little Tenderness
03. Easy To Be Hard
04. Eli's Coming
05. Celebrate
06. Mama Told Me (Not To Come)
07. Out In The Country
08. One Man Band
09. Joy To The World
10. Liar
11. An Old Fashioned Love Song
12. Never Been To Spain
13. The Family Of Man
14. Black And White
15. Pieces Of April
16. Shambala
17. Let Me Serenade You
18. The Show Must Go On
19. Sure As I'm Sittin' Here
20. Play Something Sweet (Brickyard Blues)
21. 'Til The World Ends

1974 Hard Labor

01. Prelude (Album Version)
02. Sure As I'm Sittin' Here (Single Version)
03. Anytime Babe (Album Version)
04. Put Out The Light (Album Version)
05. Sitting In Limbo (Album Version)
06. I'd Be So Happy (Single Version)
07. Play Something Sweet (Brickyard Blues) (Single Version)
08. On The Way Back Home (Album Version)
09. The Show Must Go On (Album Version)

1975 Coming Down Your Way

01. 'Til the World Ends
02. You Can Leave Your Hat On
03. Good Old Feeling
04. Mind over Matter
05. Midnight Flyer
06. Kite Man
07. Coming Down Your Way
08. When It's Over
09. Lean Back, Hold Steady
10. Yo Te Quiero Hablar (Take You Down)

1976 American Pastime

1. Everybody Is a Masterpiece
2. Easy Evil
3. Billy the Kid
4. Mellow Down
5. Yellow Beach Umbrella
6. Hang On
7. Southbound
8. Drive on, Ride On
9. Dance the Night Away

1984 It's a Jungle

01. It's A Jungle Out There
02. Shot In The Dark
03. Livin' It Up
04. I Can't Help It
05. Somebody's Gonna Get Hurt
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2002 Three Dog Night with the London Symphony Orchestra

01. Overture
02. Mama Told Me Not To Come
03. Black And White
04. Shambala
05. Prelude To Liar
06. Liar
07. Easy To Be Hard
08. Old Fashioned Love Song
09. Never Been To Spain
10. Prelude To One
11. One
12. Sault Ste. Marie
13. Out In The Country
14. Overground
15. Celebrate
16. Joy To The World

2004 35th Anniversary Hits Collection

01. Mama Told Me Not To Come
02. Black And White
03. Shambala
04. Joy To The World
05. Never Been To Spain
06. Prelude To Liar
07. Liar
08. Sault Ste. Marie
09. Out In The Country
10. Easy To Be Hard
11. Old Fashioned Love Song
12. Prelude To One
13. One
14. Overground
15. Celebrate
16. Eli's Coming (live)
17. Brickyard Blues (Play Something Sweet) (Live)
18. Try A Little Tenderness (Live)
19. Family Of Man (Live)

2008 Three Dog Night: Greatest Hits Live

01. One Man Band
02. The Family Of Man
03. Easy To Be Hard
04. Never Been To Spain
05. Mama Told Me (Not To Come)
06. An Old Fashioned Love Song
07. Eli's Coming
08. Liar
09. Celebrate
10. Try A Little Tenderness
11. One
12. Joy To The World
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