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It took several tries before Kenny Rogers became a star. As a member of the First Edition (and the New Christy Minstrels before that), he shared in some million-sellers, among them "Reuben James" and "Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town," an excellent Mel Tillis song about a disabled veteran. But superstardom lay ahead for this Texan, and it arrived in the late '70s. His experience with the two previous pop groups had prepared him well: he knew the easy listening audience was out there, and he supplied them with well done middle-of-the-road songs with a country flavor. Having gone solo, in 1976 Rogers charted with "Love Lifted Me." But it was with an outstanding song by writers Roger Bowling and Hal Bynum, "Lucille," that his star shot upward.

The rest (as they say) is history: award-winning duets with Dottie West and Dolly Parton, 12 TV specials, another song of the year with "The Gambler," "Daytime Friends," "Coward of the County," "We've Got Tonight," "Crazy," "Lady" (his first pop number one), etc., etc., etc. And that's just the musical side of Rogers. In 1980, the made-for-TV movie The Gambler blasted the competition, followed quickly by Coward of the County, then enough sequels to The Gambler to get him to Roman numeral IV. Throughout the '80s, Rogers remained a celebrity, even when his sales were declining. Even during the '90s, when he rarely charted, his name, face, and music were recognizable in a series of concerts, television specials, films, and even fast-food restaurants.

Like many country superstars, Rogers came from humble roots. Born in Houston, Texas, Rogers and his seven siblings were raised in one of the poorest sections of town. Nevertheless, he progressed through high school, all the while learning how to play guitar and fiddle. When he was a senior, he played in a rockabilly band called the Scholars, who released three singles, including "Kangewah," which was written by Louella Parsons. Following his graduation, he released two singles, "We'll Always Fall in Love Again" and "For You Alone," on the local independent label Carlton. The B-side of the first single, "That Crazy Feeling," was popular enough to earn him a slot on American Bandstand. In 1959, he briefly attended the University of Texas, but he soon dropped out to play bass in the jazz combo The Bobby Doyle Three. While he was with the group, Rogers continued to explore other musical venues and played bass on Mickey Gilley's 1960 single "Is It Wrong." The Bobby Doyle Three released one album, In a Most Unusual Way, before Rogers left the group to play with the Kirby Stone Four. He didn't stay long with Stone and soon landed a solo record contract with Mercury.

Rogers released a handful of singles on Mercury, all of which failed. Once Mercury dropped the singer, he joined the New Christy Minstrels in 1966. He stayed with the folk group for a year, leaving with several other bandmembers -- Mike Settle, Terry Williams, and Thelma Lou Camacho -- in 1967 to form the First Edition. Adding drummer Mickey Jones, the First Edition signed with Reprise and recorded the pop-psychedelic single "Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)." The single became a hit early in 1968, climbing to number five. Within a year, the group was billed as Kenny Rogers & the First Edition, and in the summer of 1969, they had their second and final Top Ten hit, "Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town." The country overtones of the single hinted at the direction Rogers was taking, as did the minor hit follow-up, "Ruben James." For the next two years, the First Edition bounced between country, pop, and mild psychedelia, scoring their last big hit with Mac Davis' "Something's Burning" in early 1970. By the end of 1972, the group had its own syndicated television show, but sales were drying up. They left Reprise the following year, signing to Rogers' new label, Jolly Rogers. None of their singles became major hits, though a version of Merle Haggard's "Today I Started Loving You Again" reached the lower regions of the country charts late in 1973. Rogers left the group in 1974, and the band broke up the following year.

At the time the band broke up, Rogers was severely in debt and Jolly Rogers was out of business. In order to jump-start his career, he signed to United Artists in 1975, and with the help of producer Larry Butler, he devised an accessible, radio-ready, and immaculately crafted take on country-pop that leaned toward adult contemporary pop, not country. "Love Lifted Me," his debut single for the label, was a minor hit early in 1976, but it took a full year for Rogers to have a genuine breakthrough hit with "Lucille." Climbing to number one early in 1977, "Lucille" not only was a major country hit, earning the Country Music Association's Single of the Year award, but it also was a huge crossover success, peaking at number five on the pop charts. For the next six years, Rogers had a steady string of Top Ten hits on both the country and pop charts.

Once Upon a Christmas His crossover success is important -- his lush, easy listening productions and smooth croons showed that country stars could conquer the pop audience, if produced and marketed correctly. During the late '70s and early '80s, much of country radio was dominated either by urban cowboy or country-pop in the vein of Rogers' own singles. Between 1978 and 1980, he had five straight number one country singles -- "Love or Something Like It," "The Gambler," "She Believes in Me," "You Decorated My Life," "Coward of the County" -- most of which also reached the pop Top Ten. In addition to his solo hits, he had a series of Top Ten duets with Dottie West, including the number one hits "Every Time Two Fools Collide" (1978), "All I Ever Need Is You" (1979), and "What Are We Doin' in Love" (1981). Not only did his singles sell well, but so did his albums, with every record he released between 1976's Kenny Rogers and 1984's Once Upon a Christmas going gold or platinum. By the beginning of the '80s, Rogers' audience was as much pop as it was country, and singles like his cover of Lionel Richie's "Lady" confirmed that fact, spending six weeks at the top of the pop charts. Rogers also began performing duets with pop singers like Kim Carnes ("Don't Fall in Love with a Dreamer," number three country, number four pop, 1980) and Sheena Easton ("We've Got Tonight," number one country, number six pop, 1983). Rogers also began making inroads into television and film, appearing in a number of TV specials and made-for-TV movies, including 1982's Six Pack and two movies based on his songs "The Gambler" and "Coward of the County." Late in 1983, he left United Artists/Liberty for RCA Records, releasing a duet with Dolly Parton called "Islands in the Stream" as his first single for the label. Written by the Bee Gees and produced by Barry Gibb, the record became one of his biggest hits, spending two weeks on the top of both the country and pop charts.

Something Inside So StrongRogers stayed at RCA for five years, during which time he alternated between MOR, adult contemporary pop, and slick country-pop. The hits didn't come as often as they used to, and they were frequently competing with releases from Liberty's vaults, but he managed to log five number one singles for the label, in addition to "Islands in the Stream": "Crazy" (1984), "Real Love" (1985), "Morning Desire" (1985), "Tomb of the Unknown Love" (1986), and the Ronnie Milsap duet "Make No Mistake, She's Mine" (1987). Despite his country successes, he no longer had pop crossover hits. Nevertheless, Rogers' concerts continued to be popular, as did his made-for-TV movies. Still, the lack of blockbuster records meant that RCA failed to renew his contract when it expired in 1988. Rogers returned to his first label, Reprise, where he had one major hit -- 1989's Top Ten "The Vows Go Unbroken (Always True to You)," taken from the gold album Something Inside So Strong -- before his singles started charting in the lower half of the Top 40. Christmas from the Heart Throughout the late '80s and '90s, Rogers kept busy with charity work, concerts, his fast-food chain Kenny Rogers' Roasters, television specials, movies, and photography, publishing no less than two books, Kenny Rogers' America and Kenny Rogers: Your Friends and Mine, of his photos. Rogers continued to record, releasing albums nearly every year, but they failed to break beyond his large, devoted fan base and only made a slight impact on the charts. With 1998's Christmas from the Heart, he established his own record label, Dreamcatcher; She Rides Wild Horses followed a year later, and There You Go Again was issued in mid-2000. A&E Live by Request appeared in 2001, followed by Back to the Well in 2003, Me & Bobby McGee in 2004, and Water & Bridges in 2006. At this point in his career, unable to hit the pop or country charts any longer, Rogers repositioned himself as a nostalgic brand in the middle, releasing 2011's The Love of God, a collection of gospel hymns and inspirational songs, only through Cracker Barrel locations (the album was re-released a year later by the Gaither Music Group under the title Amazing Grace). In 2012 Rogers issued an autobiography, Luck or Something Like it: A Memoir. A year later, Rogers signed to Warner Bros. Nashville and released You Can't Make Old Friends, his first major-label, big-budget release in seven years. Preceded by the title track duet with Dolly Parton, the record was released in October 2013.

-- Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide

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align = "center"> Lady [live] Lady [live]
Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town
Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In) Just Dropped In
(To See What Condition My Condition Was In)


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1967The First Edition
1969Ruby Don't Take Your Love to Town
1971Tell It All Brother
1972The Ballad of Calico
1972Planet Texas
1974Rollin' Jolly Rogers
1976Love Lifted Me
1977Kenny Rogers
1977Daytime Friends
1978The Gambler
1978Love or Something Like It
1981Share Your Love
1982Love Will Turn You Around
1983We've Got Tonight
1983Eyes That See in the Dark
1984What About Me?
1984Once Upon a Christmas
1985Love Is What We Make It Liberty
1985Heart of the Matter
1986They Don't Make Them Like They Used To
1986Short Stories
1987I Prefer the Moonlight
1989Yes, No, Maybe
1989Something Inside So Strong
1990Love Is Strange
1991Back Home Again
1993If Only My Heart Had a Voice
1994Timepiece: Orchestral Sessions with David Foster
1996The Gift
1997Across My Heart
1998Christmas from the Heart
1999She Rides Wild Horses
2000There You Go Again
2001A&E Live by Request
2002Calico Silver
2003Back to the Well
2006Water & Bridges
2006After Dark
2007American Classic Songbook
2011The Love of God
2012Christmas Live!
2013You Can't Make Old Friends


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1967 The First Edition [Kenny Rogers & the First Edition]

01 Found A Reason
02 Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)
03 Shadow In The Corner Of Your Mind
04 If Wishes Were Horses
05 Ticket To Nowhere
06 I Get A Funny Feeling
07 I Was The Loser
08 Dream On
09 Home Made Lies
10 Marcia 2 A.M.
11 Hurry Up Love
12 Church Without A Name

1969 Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town[Kenny Rogers & the First Edition]

01 Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town
02 Me and Bobby McGee
03 New Design
04 Always Leaving, Always Gone
05 Listen to the Music
06 Sunshine
07 Once Again She's All Lone
08 Girl Get a Hold of Yourself
09 Time Liberator
10 Reuben James

1970 Fools [Kenny Rogers & the First Edition]

1971 Tell It All Brother [Kenny Rogers & the First Edition]

01 Tell It All Brother
02 Shine on Ruby Mountain
03 King of Oak Street
04 I'm Gonna Sing You a Sad Song Susie
05 Love Woman
06 Heed the Call
07 Camptown Ladies
08 Molly
09 After All (I Live My Life)
10 We All Got to Help Each Other

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1971 Transition

01. Take My Hand
02. What Am I Gonna Do
03. All God's Lonely Children
04. Lay It Down
05. Tulsa Turnaround
06. Poem For My Lady
07. For The Good Times
08. Good Lady of Toronto
09. Two Little Boys
10. Where Does Rosie Go

1972 The Ballad of Calico [Kenny Rogers & the First Edition]

01 Sunrise Overture
02 Calico Silver
03 Write Me Down (Don't Forget My Name)
04 Way It Used to Be
05 Madame de Lil and Diabolical Bill
06 School Teacher
07 Road Agent
08 Sally Grey's Epitaph
09 Dorsey, Mail Carrying Dog
10 Harbor for My Soul
11 Calico Saturday Night
12 Trigger Happy Kid
13 Vachel Carling's Rubilator
14 Empty Handed Compadres
15 One Lonely Room
16 Rockin' Chair Theme
17 Old Mojave Highway
18 Man Came up from Town
19 Calico Silver (Reprise)

1972 Backroads [Kenny Rogers & the First Edition]

01 Lady Play Your Symphony
02 She Thinks I Still Care
03 Look Over the Hill
04 There's an Old Man in Our Town
05 My Sweet Lady
06 Today I Started Loving You Again
07 Tell Me Why
08 Here Father Didn't Like Me Anymore
09 Indian Joe
10 Do You Remember the First Time

1972 Planet Texas [Kenny Rogers & the First Edition]

1973 Monument [Kenny Rogers & the First Edition]

01. Lena Lookie
02. Something About Your Song
03. Building Condemned
04. Hoodooin' of Miss Fannie Deberry
05. Ritual, Morgana Jones
06. 42nd Street, Oregon
07. Whatcha Gonna Do
08. Gollop County Train

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1974 Rollin' Jolly Rogers [Kenny Rogers & the First Edition]

01. Good Vibrations
02. Long And Winding Road
03. Sylvia's Mother
04. Joe (Jesu Joy Of Man's Desire)
05. Paperback Writer
06. Get Back
07. Border Song
08. I Need You
09. Coconut
10. Morning Has Broken

1976 Love Lifted Me

01. Love Lifted Me
02. Abraham Martin and John/Precious Memories
03. I Would Like to See You Again
04. Runaway Girl
05. World Needs a Melody
06. You Gotta Be Tired
07. Home Made Love
08. While the Feeling's Good
09. Heavenly Sunshine
10. There's an Old Man in Our Town

1977 Kenny Rogers

01 Laura (What He's Got That I Ain't Got)
02 I Wasn't Man Enough
03 Mother Country Music
04 Why Don't We Go Somewhere and Love
05 Green, Green Grass of Home
06 Till I Get It Right
07 Lucille
08 Son of Hickory Holler's Tramp
09 Lay Down Beside Me
10 Puttin' It Overtime at Home
11 While I Play the Fiddle

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1977 Daytime Friends

01 Daytime Friends
02 Desperado
03 Rock and Roll Man
04 Lying Again
05 I'll Just Write My Music and Sing My Songs
06 My World Begins and Ends With You
07 Sweet Music Man
08 Am I Too Late
09 We Don't Make Love Anymore
10 Ghost of Another Man
11 Let Me Sing for You

1978 The Gambler

01 The Gambler
02 I Wish That I Could Hurt That Way Again
03 King of Oak Street
04 Makin' Music for Money
05 Hoodooin' of Miss Fannie Deberry
06 She Believes in Me
07 Tennessee Bottle
08 Sleep Tight, Goodnight Man
09 Little More Like Me (The Crucifixion)
10 San Francisco Mabel Joy
11 Morgana Jones

1978 Love or Something Like It

01 Love or Something Like It
02 There's a Lot of That Going Around
03 Buried Treasure
04 Something About Your Song
05 Momma's Waiting
06 We Could Have Been the Closest of Friends
07 I Could Be So Good for You
08 Sail Away
09 Even a Fool Would Let Go
10 Highway Flyer
11 Starting Again

1979 Kenny

01 You Turn the Light On
02 You Decorated My Life
03 She's a Mystery
04 Goodbye Marie
05 Tulsa Turnaround
06 I Want to Make You Smile
07 Santiago Midnight Moonlight
08 One Man's Woman
09 In and Out of Your Heart
10 Old Folks
11 Coward of the County

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1980 Gideon

01. Intro: Goin Home To The Rock
02. Gideon Tanner
03. No Good Texas Rounder
04. Don t Fall in Love With A Dreamer [duet with Kim Carnes]
05. The Buckeroos
06. You Were a Good Friend
07. Call Me Up (The Phone Is In The Cradle)
08. These Chains
09. Somebody Help Me
10. One Place In The Night
11. Sayin Goodbye
12. Requiem: Goin Home To The Rock
13. Love The World Away

1981 Share Your Love

01. Blaze of Glory
02. I Don t Need You
03. The Good Life
04. Makes Me Wonder If I Ever Said Goodbye
05. Through The Years
06. Share Your Love With Me
07. So In Love With You
08. Goin Back To Alabama
09. Without You In My Life
10. Gray Beard
11. Lady

1981 Ruby

01. Ruby Don't Take Your Love to Town
02. Love Woman
03. The King of Oak Street
04. Shine on Ruby Mountain
05. Where Does Rosie Go
06. Tell It All Brother
07. Molly
08. I'm Gonna Sing You a Sad Song Susie
09. We All Got to Help Each Other
10. Elvira
11. Tulsa Turnabout
12. Something's Burning

1982 Love Will Turn You Around

01. Love Will Turn You Around
02. A Love Song
03. Fightin' Fire With Fire
04. Maybe You Should Know
05. Somewhere Between Lovers And Friends
06. Take This Heart
07. If You Can Lie A Little Bit
08. I'll Take Care Of You
09. The Fool In Me
10. I Want A Son

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1983 We've Got Tonight

01. We've Got Tonight
02. Scarlet Fever
03. Farther I Go
04. No Dreams
05. Bad Enough
06. All My Life
07. How Long
08. Love, Love, Love
09. What I Learned From Loving You
10. You Are So Beautiful

1983 Eyes That See in the Dark

01. This Woman
02. You And I
03. Buried Treasure
04. Island In The Stream
05. Living With You
06. Evening Star
07. Hold Me
08. Midsummer Nights
09. I Will Always Love You
10. Eyes That See In The Dark

1984 What About Me?

01. What About Me
02. The Night Goes On
03. Dream Dancing
04. Two Hearts One Love
05. I Dont Want To Know Why
06. Didn't We
07. Somebody Took My Love
08. Crazy
09. The Stranger
10. Heart To Heart

1984 Once Upon a Christmas [with Dolly Parton]

01. I Believe in Santa Claus
02. Medley: Winter Wonderland/Sleigh Ride
03. Christmas Without You
04. The Christmas Song
05. A Christmas to Remember
06. With Bells On
07. Silent Night
08. The Greatest Gift of All
09. White Christmas
10. Once Upon a Christmas

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1985 Love Is What We Make It

01. Love Is What We Make It
02. Twentieth Century Fool
03. Still Hold On
04. Tie Me To Your Heart Again
05. Maybe In The End
06. It Turns Me Inside Out
07. It Happens In The Best Of Dreams
08. A Stranger In My Place
09. Starting Today, Starting Over
10. Born To Love Me

1985 Heart of the Matter

01. I Don't Wanna Have to Worry
02. The Heart of the Matter
03. You Made Me Feel Love
04. Morning Desire
05. Don't Look in My Eyes
06. The Best of Me
07. Tomb of the Unknown Love
08. People in Love
09. I Can't Believe Your Eyes
10. Our Perfect Song

1986 They Don't Make Them Like They Used To

01. This Love We Share
02. If I Could Hold on to Love
03. You're My Love
04. Time for Love
05. They Don't Make Them Like They Used To (Theme from Tough Guys)
06. Life Is Good, Love Is Better
07. Just the Thought of Losing You
08. Anything at All
09. After All This Time
10. Twenty Years Ago

1986 Short Stories

01. Abraham Martin and John
02. Daytime Friends
03. Goodbye Marie
04. Long Arm of the Law
05. Son of Hickory Holler's Tramp
06. Buried Treasure
07. Desperado
08. Green, Green Grass of Home
09. San Francisco Mabel Joy
10. While the Feeling's Good

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1987 I Prefer the Moonlight

01. I Prefer the Moonlight
02. Now and Forever
03. We're Doin' Alright
04. Make No Mistake, She's Mine
05. One More Day
06. She's Ready for Someone to Love Her
07. I Don't Call Him Daddy
08. The Factory
09. We Fell in Love Anyway
10. You Can't Say (You Don't Love Me Anymore)

1989 Yes, No, Maybe

01. Talla
02. Take Another Step Closer
03. Ask Me How I Know
04. Don't Wake Me Up
05. Run
06. Everything That's You
07. The Bright Side
08. Hold Me
09. Love Is Easy
10. Signals

1989 Something Inside So Strong

01. Planet Texas
02. Something Inside So Strong
03. If I Knew Then (What I Know Now)
04. One Night
05. There Lies the Difference
06. If I Ever Fall in Love Again
07. When You Put Your Heart in It
08. The Vows Go Unbroken (Always True to You)
09. Maybe
10. Love the Way You Do

1990 Love Is Strange

01. Love Is Strange
02. Soldier of Love
03. Listen to the Rain
04. If I Were a Painting
05. Crazy in Love
06. Lay My Body Down
07. So Little Love in the World
08. Walk Away
09. In Our Old Age
10. What I Did for Love

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1991 Back Home Again

01. If You Want to Find Love
02. Bed of Roses
03. Someone Must Feel Like a Fool Tonight
04. Two Good Reasons
05. Some Prisons Don't Have Walls
06. They Just Don't Make 'Em Like You Anymore
07. When You Were Loving Me
08. Sunshine
09. I'll Be There for You
10. How Do I Break It to My Heart

1992 Lucille

01. Laura (What's He Got That I Ain't Got)
02. I Wasn't Man Enough
03. Mother Country Music
04. Why Don't We Go Somewhere and Love
05. Green, Green Grass of Home
06. Till I Get It Right
07. Lucille
08. The Son of Hickory Holler's Tramp
09. Lay Down Beside Me
10. Puttin' in Overtime at Home
11. While I Play the Fiddle

1993 If Only My Heart Had a Voice

01. Fightin' for the Same Thing
02. Missing You
03. She Waits
04. Ol' Red
05. If I Were You
06. Wanderin' Man
07. Reason to Go
08. If You Were the Friend
09. If Only My Heart Had a Voice
10. Somebody's Wrong, Somebody's Right

1994 Timepiece: Orchestral Sessions with David Foster

01. I Remember You
02. But Beautiful
03. When I Fall in Love
04. Love Is Here to Stay
05. The Nearness of You
06. My Funny Valentine
07. Love Is Just Around the Corner
08. Where or When
09. My Romance
10. In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning
11. I Get Along Without You Very Well (Except Sometimes)
12. You Are So Beautiful

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1996 The Gift

01. Mary, Did You Know
02. A Soldier's King
03. Pretty Little Baby Child
04. What A Wonderful Beginning
05. It's The Messiah
06. I Trust You
07. Sweet Little Jesus Boy
08. The Chosen One Montage
09. Til The Season Comes Round Again

1997 Across My Heart

01. To Me
02. Write Your Name Across My Heart
03. The Only Way I Know
04. Have A Little Faith In Me
05. Sing Me Your Love Song
06. As God As My Witness
07. You're Not Asking Much
08. Only Once In A Lifetime
09. Find A Little Grace
10. See Me Through

1998 Christmas from the Heart

01. All My Life
02. Love The World Away
03. Share Your Love With Me
04. Laura (What's He Got That I Ain't Got)
05. Lady
06. Blaze of Glory
07. What Are We Doing In Love (Duet W/Dottie)
08. Sweet Music Man
09. All I Ever Need Is You w/ Dottie
10. Love Song
11. Every Time Two Fools Collide w/ Dottie West
12. Lucille
13. Anyone Who Isn't Me Tonight w/ Dottie West
14. It's Just Not Christmas
15. The Christmas Song
16. My Favorite Things
17. White Christmas
18. Let It Snow
19. O Come All Ye Faithful
20. Hey, Little Christmas Tree
21. Merry Christmas
22. Money Isn't What Really Matters
23. Heroes
24. I Wanna Be A Christmas Present
25. The Ballerina Song
26. Help Somebody Find Their Way
27. If Only I Had Your Heart
28 Mister Perfect
29. I Promise You
30. The Toy Shoppe

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1999 She Rides Wild Horses

01. Slow Dance More
02. Buy Me A Rose
03. I Will Remember You
04. Love Don't Live Here Anymore
05. She Rides Wild Horses
06. The Kind Of Fool Love Makes
07. Loving Arms
08. I Can't Make You Love Me
09. Let It Be Me
10. The Greatest

2000 There You Go Again

01. There You Go Again
02. He Will, She Knows
03. I Wish I Could Say That
04. Homeland
05. When We Made Love
06. Until Forever is Gone
07. Crazy Me
08. Blue Train
09. I Do It For Your Love
10. What That Means
11. I Won't Forget
12. All That You Could Be

2001 A&E Live by Request

01. Islands In The Stream
02. Request
03. Daytime Friends
04. Request
05. She Believes In Me
06. Request
07. Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town
08. Request
09. Love Will Turn You Around
10. Request
11. The Greatest
12. Request
13. Love Or Something Like It
14. Request
15. Through The Years
16. Request
17. Lucille
18. Request
19. Don't Fall In Love With A Dreamer
20. Request
21. Coward Of The Country
22. Request
23. Lady
24. Request
25. Crazy
26. Request
27. The Gambler
28. Request
29. You Decorated My Life
30. Request
31. Slow Dance Move
32. Request
33. Slow Dance Move

2002 Calico Silver

01. Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town
02. Reuben James
03. Shine on Ruby Mountain
04. Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)
05. She Even Woke Me Up to Say Goodbye
06. My Washington Woman
07. For the Good Times
08. Something's Burning
09. Heed the Call
10. We All Got to Help Each Other
11. A Poem for My Little Lady
12. Where Does Rosie Go?
13. Sunshine
14. Me and Bobbie McGee
15. Calico Silver
16. Elvira

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2003 Back to the Well

01. Back To The Well
02. Listen To The Rain
03. 727 East Magnolia Avenue
04. Owe Them More Than That
05. Prairie Wedding
06. I'm Missing You
07. Harder Cards
08. Tears In God's Eyes
09. Suitcase Full Of Blues
10. You Have No Idea
11. Handprints On The Wall
12. Love Like This

2006 Water & Bridges

01. Water & Bridges
02. Someone Is Me
03. Someone Somewhere Tonight
04. I Can't Unlove You
05. Calling Me (featuring Don Henley)
06. Half A Man
07. I Can Feel You Drifting
08. The Last Ten Years (Superman)
09. You'll Know Love
10. My Petition
11. One Life

2006 After Dark

01. Ain't No Sunshine
02. You Don't Know Me
03. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
04. Three Times A Lady
05. Share Your Love With Me (Re-Record)
06. I Don't Need You (Re-Record)
07. This Masquerade
08. Since I Fell for You
09. Don't Fall In Love With a Dreamer (feat. Kim Carnes) (Re-Record)
10. You Looked So Beautiful
11. Small Dark Cloud

2007 American Classic Songbook

01. Stardust
02. My Funny Valentine
03. Always
04. Misty
05. As Time Goes By
06. When I Fall in Love
07. I Only Have Eyes for You
08. It Had to Be You
09. Unforgettable
10. Crazy
11. I Can't Help Falling in Love
12. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You

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2011 The Love of God

01. Will the Circle Be Unbroken
02. Peace
03. I’ll Fly Away (feat: The Whites)
04. The Rock of Your Love
05. In the Sweet By and By (feat: Winfield's Locket)
06. He Showed Me Love
07. Grace
08. What a Friend We Have in Jesus
09. Circle of Friends (feat: Point of Grace)
10. For the Love of God
11. Amazing Grace
12. Leaning on the Everlasting Arms

2012 Christmas Live!

01. My Favorite Things (Live)
02. Silent Night (Live)
03. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! (Live)
04. Mary, Did You Know? (Live)
05. Away in a Manger / O Holy Night (Live)
06. O Come All Ye Faithful (Live)
07. We Three Kings / Little Drummer Boy (Medley) (Live)
08. The Chosen One / Joy to the World (Live)
09. 'Til the Season Comes 'Round Again (Live)

2013 You Can't Make Old Friends

01. You Can't Make Old Friends (Duet With Dolly Parton)
02. All I Need Is One
03. You Had To Be There
04. 'Merica
05. Turn This World Around
06. Dreams Of The San Joaquin
07. Don't Leave Me In The Night Time (feat. Buckwheat Zydeco)
08. Look At You
09. Neon Horses
10. When You Love Someone
11. It's Gonna Be Easy Now

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