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Kenny Loggins
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Singer, songwriter, and guitarist Kenny Loggins has enjoyed more than three decades of success in the music business, as a songwriter and performer, mostly in a soft rock vein. He was born Kenneth Clarke Loggins in Everett, WA in early 1948, and the family later moved to Detroit, and finally to Alhambra, CA when he was in his teens. He initially turned to music as a way of compensating for his extreme shyness, and found that he was, indeed, a talented guitarist and had a voice. For a time in the late '60s he was based in Pasadena, studying at Pasadena City College. At the end of the decade, Loggins passed through the lineup of a band called Gator Creek, who were good enough to get signed to Mercury Records. The group recorded one self-titled album, which was issued in 1970 and included an early version of "Danny's Song," a track that he later recorded again as part of Loggins & Messina. He also spent time with a short-lived group called Second Helping, and was a member of the stage incarnation of the Electric Prunes during a later phase of that group's history.

Loggins was proficient on the guitar and piano, but it was his songwriting that allowed him to make his first lasting impression on the music industry. He took a job as a staff writer for Wingate Music, for $100.00 a week, and later that year four of his songs ended up on the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band album Uncle Charlie & His Dog Teddy. This event was particularly fortuitous, as that album was the first release by the newly reconstituted version of the group, and included what proved to be their biggest hit, "Mr. Bojangles." The presence of the latter helped make Uncle Charlie one of the group's biggest selling long-players; and the exposure generated a second hit in the form of Loggins' own "House at Pooh Corner."

The success of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band's recordings brought Loggins to the attention of former Poco member Jim Messina, who was working as a staff producer at CBS. It was Messina's intention to produce Loggins' debut album, but he also ended up playing and singing on the record, and it worked out so well that the two ended up in a duo. Loggins & Messina were among the most popular folk-based soft rock acts of the first half of the '70s and enjoyed a four-year string of successful albums.

Loggins & Messina broke up in 1976, and Loggins retained a strong following in the years immediately after. He went on to solo stardom with such million-selling albums as Celebrate Me Home, Nightwatch (which included the hit "Whenever I Call You Friend"), and Keep the Fire, all in the cheerful, sensitive style he had displayed in Loggins & Messina. Loggins also became known as the king of the movie soundtrack song, scoring Top Ten hits with "I'm Alright" (from Caddyshack), "Footloose" (from Footloose), "Danger Zone" (from Top Gun), and "Nobody's Fool" (from Caddyshack II). During this period, he was also one of the participants in USA for Africa on the benefit recording "We Are The World." His own albums sold less well (and came less frequently) throughout the '80s, with later efforts like 1991's Leap of Faith, 1997's The Unimaginable Life, and 1998's December finding favor primarily in adult contemporary circles; in 1994, he also issued a children's album, Return to Pooh Corner, and released its sequel, More Songs from Pooh Corner, in early 2000. He reunited with Messina in 2005 for a successful tour, album, and concert video, and in 2007, Loggins released How About Now, his first new solo album in four years. It was followed by All Join In in 2009.


-- by William Ruhlmann, All Music Guide


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Meet me HalfwayMeet Me Halfway
I'm AlrightI'm Alright
Your Mama Don't DanceYour Mama Don't Dance [with Jim Messina]


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1977Celebrate Me Home
1979Keep the Fire
1980Kenny Loggins Alive
1982High Adventure
1985Vox Humana
1988Back to Avalon
1991Leap of Faith
1992Live From the Grand Canyon [DVD]
1993Outside: From the Redwoods
1994Return to Pooh Corner
1997The Unimaginable Life
2000More Songs from Pooh Corner
2001Christmas Time Is Here
2003It's About Time
2008How About Now
2009All Join In


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1977 Celebrate Me Home

01. Lady Luck
02. If You Be Wise
03. I Believe in Love
04. Set It Free
05. Why Do People Lie
06. Enter My Dream
07. I've Got the Melody (Deep in My Heart)
08. Celebrate Me Home
09. Daddy's Back
10. You Don't Know Me

1978 Nightwatch

01. What A Fool Believes
02. Nightwatch
03. Angelique
04. Down 'N Dirty
05. Whenever I Call You "Friend" [feat. Stevie Nicks]
06. Wait a Little While
07. Easy Driver
08. Down In The Boondocks
09. Somebody Knows

1979 Keep the Fire

01. Love Has Come of Age
02. Mr. Night
03. This Is It
04. Junkanoo Holiday (Fallin'-Flyin')
05. Now and Then
06. Who's Right, Who's Wrong
07. Keep the Fire
08. Give It Half a Chance
09. Will It Last
10. This Is It (Live)
11. Keep the Fire (Live)
12. This Is It


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1980 Kenny Loggins Alive

Disc 1

01. I Believe In Love (Live)
02. Whenever I Call You "Friend" (Live)
03. Wait A Little While (Live)
04. Why Do People Lie (Live)
05. What A Fool Believes (Live)
06. Junkanoo Holiday (Fallin'-Flyin') (Live)
07. I'm Alright (Live)
08. Celebrate Me Home (Live)
Disc 2

01. You Don't Know Me (Live)
02. Now And Then (Live)
03. All Alone Tonight (Live)
04. Here There And Everywhere (Live)
05. Angelique (Live)
06. Love Has Come Of Age (Live)
07. This Is It (Live)
08. Down 'N Dirty (Live)
09. Easy Driver (Live)
10. Keep The Fire (Live)

1982 High Adventure

01. Don't Fight It
02. Heartlight
03. I Gotta Try
04. Swear Your Love
05. The More We Try
06. Heart to Heart
07. If It's Not What You're Looking For
08. It Must Be Imagination
09. Only A Miracle


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1985 Vox Humana

01. Vox Humana
02. No Lookin' Back
03. Let There Be Love
04. I'll Be There
05. I'm Gonna Do It Right
06. Forever
07. At Last
08. Loraine
09. Love Will Follow
10. Lead the Way
11. Make the Move [From Caddyshack]

1988 Back to Avalon

01. Nobody's Fool (theme from Caddyshack II)
02. I'm Gonna Miss You
03. Tell Her
04. One Woman
05. Back To Avalon
06. She's Dangerous
07. True Confessions
08. Hope For The Runaway
09. Isabella's Eyes
10. Blue On Blue
11. Meet Me Half Way

1991 Leap of Faith

01. Will of the Wind
02. Leap of Faith
03. The Real Thing
04. Conviction of the Heart
05. If You Believe
06. I Would Do Anything
07. Sweet Reunion
08. Now or Never
09. My Father's House
10. Cody's Song
11. Will of the Wind (Reprise)
12. Too Early for the Sun


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1992 Live From the Grand Canyon [DVD]

1993 Outside: From the Redwoods

01. Conviction Of The Heart (Live)
02. What a Fool Believes (Live)
03. Your Mama Don't Dance (Live)
04. I Would Do Anything (Duet With Shanice) (Live)
05. Now And Then (Live)
06. Angry Eyes (Live)
07. If You Believe (Live)
08. Celebrate Me Home (Live)
09. Love Will Follow (Duet With Shanice) (Live)
10. Leap Of Faith (Live)
11. This Is It (Live)
12. Footloose (Live)
13. I'm Alright (Live)

1994 Return to Pooh Corner

01. All the Pretty Little Ponies
02. Neverland Medley
03. Return to Pooh Corner
04. Rainbow Connection
05. St. Judy's Comet
06. The Last Unicorn
07. Cody's Song
08. The Horses
09. Love
10. To-Ra-Loo-Ra

1997 The Unimaginable Life

01. Let The Pendulum Swing
02. Just Breathe
03. I Am Not Hiding
04. All I Ask
05. Now That I Know Love
06. The Art Of Letting Go
07. One Chance At A Time
08. Love's Got Nothin' To Prove
09. This Island Earth
10. No Doubt About Love
11. The Rest Of Your Life
12. Birth Energy
13. The Unimaginable Life
14. Your Spirit And My Spirit


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1998 December

01. Walking in the Air
02. The Christmas Song
03. The Bells of Christmas
04. Coventry Carol
05. Christmas Time Is Here
06. Angels in the Snow
07. White Christmas
08. Some Children See Him
09. On Christmas Morning
10. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
11. December

2000 More Songs from Pooh Corner

01. Your Heart Will Lead You Home
02. You'll Be in My Heart
03. Always, in All Ways
04. Flying Dreams
05. That'll Do 06. Turn Around
07. Beauty and the Beast
08. Baby Mine
09. The Inchworm
10. Hana Aluna Lullabye
11. Good Night

2001 Christmas Time Is Here

01. Christmas Time Is Here
02. Walking in the Air
03. Isabella's Eyes
04. Some Children See Him
05. Only a Miracle
06. The Bells of Christmas
07. Cody's Song
08. White Christmas


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2003 It's About Time

01. It's About Time
02. With This Ring
03. Alive 'N' Kickin'
04. I Miss Us*
05. The One That Got Away
06. Brothers
07. This Is How My Song Goes
08. Doin' It Right
09. Undeniable Groove
10. No Other Voice

2008 How About Now

01. A Years Worth of Distance
02. A Love Song
03. I'll Remember Your Name
04. How About Now
05. I Don't Want to Hate You Anymore
06. That's When I Find You
07. If You Never Been There
08. Truth Is
09. Too Much (Never Get Enough)
10. This Too Will Pass
11. I'm a Free Man Now
12. One Last Goodbye Song

2009 All Join In

01. Underneath the Same Sky
02. All Together Now
03. You Got a Friend In Me
04. Two Of Us (with Jim Messina)
05. Come Go With Me
06. There Is a Mountain
07. Puppy Song
08. You Can All Join In
09. Gandhi/Buddha
10. Long Tailed Cat
11. Lollipop
12. Moose 'n Me
13. 1234

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