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Separate Ways
Send Her My Love
Open Arms

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During their initial 14 years of existence (1973-1987), Journeyaltered their musical approach and their personnel extensively while becoming a top touring and recording band. The only constant factor was guitarist Neal Schon, a music prodigy who had been a member of Santana in 1971-1972. The original unit, which was named in a contest on KSAN-FM in San Francisco, featured Schon, bassist Ross Valory, drummer Prairie Prince (replaced by Aynsley Dunbar), and guitarist George Tickner (who left after the first album). Another former Santana member, keyboard player and singer Gregg Rolie, joined shortly afterward. This lineup recorded Journey (1975), the first of three moderate-selling jazz-rock albums given over largely to instrumentals.

By 1977, however, the group decided it needed a strong vocalist/frontman and hired Steve Perry. The results were immediately felt on the fourth album, Infinity (1978), which sold a million copies within a year. (By this time, Dunbar had been replaced by Steve Smith.) Evolution (1979) was similarly successful, as was Departure (after which Rolie was replaced by Jonathan Cain). Following a live album, Captured (1981), Journey released Escape, which broke them through to the top ranks of pop groups by scoring three Top Ten hit singles, all ballads highlighting Perry's smooth tenor: "Who's Crying Now," "Don't Stop Believin'," and "Open Arms." The album topped the charts and sold millions. Frontiers (1983), featuring the hit "Separate Ways," was another big success, after which Perry released a double-platinum solo album, Street Talk(1984). When the group got back together to make a new album, Valory and Smith were no longer in the lineup and Raised on Radio (1986) was made by Schon, Perry, and Cain, who added other musicians for a tour.

Following the tour, Journey disbanded. Perry went into a prolonged period of seclusion as Schon and Cain formed Bad English with vocalist John Waite. Bad English had several hit singles, including the chart-topper "When I See You Smile," before breaking up. Perry returned to recording in 1994, releasing For the Love of Strange Medicine. Although the album went gold, it was a commercial disappointment by previous standards. In 1996, Perry, Schon, Cain, Valory, and Smith staged a Journey reunion, releasing the million-selling Trial by Fire, which featured the gold-selling Top 20 single "When You Love a Woman," and going on tour. Perry and Smith opted out of the reunion after the tour, but Journey continued, hiring a new lead singer, Steve Augeri (formerly of Tall Stories), and a new drummer, Bad English's Deen Castronovo, who made their debuts on "Remember Me," a track on the 1998 Armageddon soundtrack. The band next reconvened in 2001. Arrival, Journey's 11th new studio album, was released in April, followed by a national tour.

The band received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on January 21, 2005. That same year they released a new album, Generations, and embarked on their 30th anniversary tour. Shows on the tour stretched over three hours long and were divided into two sets -- one focusing on pre-Escape material, the other on post-Escape material. The archival release Live in Houston 1981: The Escape Tour appeared on both DVD and CD in 2006, the same year that the group brought Jeff Scott Soto aboard as a replacement for Augeri, who developed a throat infection that prevented him from singing.

However, Soto's time with the band was limited; in 2007, Journey announced that they had parted ways with the singer and were once again seeking a frontman. They found him in Arnel Pineda, a Filipino vocalist that they discovered after seeing him perform on YouTube. Pineda made his debut with the band in 2008, the same year that Journey released Revelation. Fueled by the adult contemporary hit "After All These Years," Revelation was a surprise hit that wound up going platinum. Journeyreturned in the summer of 2011 with Eclipse, a concept album that saw the band tie together its progressive rock beginnings with its '80s arena rock peak.

--William Ruhlmann  , All Music Guide [http://www.allmusic.com/]


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1976Look Into The Future
1980Dream After Dream
1986Raised On Radio
1996Trial By Fire
2010Live! In Manila
2014The Frontiers Tour


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1975 Journey

01. Of A Lifetime
02. In The Morning Day
03. Kohoutek
04. To Play Some Music
05. Topaz
06. In My Lonely Feelings/Conversations
07. Mystery Mountain

1976 Look Into The Future

01. On A Saturday Night
02. It's All Too Much
03. Anyway
04. She Makes Me Feel Alright
05. You're On Your Own
06. Look Into The Future
07. Midnight Dreamer
08. I'm Gonna Leave You

1977 Next

01. Spaceman
02. People
03. I Would Find You
04. Here We Are
05. Hustler
06. Next
07. Nickel And Dime
08. Karma
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1978 Infinity

01. Lights
02. Feeling That Way
03. Anytime
04. La Do Da
05. Patiently
06. Wheel In The Sky
07. Somethin' To Hide
08. Winds Of March
09. Can Do
10. Opened The Door

1979 Evolution

01. Majestic
02. Too Late
03. Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'
04. City Of The Angels
05. When You're Alone It Ain't Easy
06. Sweet And Simple
07. Lovin' You Is Easy
08. Just The Same Way
09. Do You Recall
10. Daydream
11. Lady Luck

1980 Departure

01. Any Way You Want It
02. Walks Like A Lady
03. Someday Soon
04. People And Places
05. Precious Time
06. Where Were You
07. I'm Cryin'
08. Line Of Fire
09. Departure
10. Good Morning Girl
11. Stay Awhile
12. Homemade Love
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1980 Dream After Dream

01. Destiny
02. Snow Theme
03. Sand Castles
04. A Few Coins
05. Moon Theme
06. When The Love Has Gone
07. Festival Dance
08. The Rape
09. Little Girl

1981 Captured

01. Majestic
02. Where Were You
03. Just The Same Way
04. Line Of Fire
05. Lights
06. Stay Awhile
07. Too Late
08. Dixie Highway
09. Feeling That Way
10. Anytime
11. Do You Recall
12. Walks Like A Lady
13. La Do Da
14. Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'
15. Wheel In The Sky
16. Any Way You Want It
17. The Party's Over

1981 Escape

01. Don't Stop Believin'
02. Stone In Love
03. Who's Crying Now
04. Keep on Runnin'
05. Still They Ride
06. Escape
07. Lay It Down
08. Dead Or Alive
09. Mother, father
10. Open Arms
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1983 Frontiers

01. Separate Ways
02. Send Her My Love
03. Chain Reaction
04. After The Fall
05. Faithfully
06. Edge Of the Blade
07. Troubled Child
08. Back Talk
09. Frontiers
10. Rubicon

1986 Raised On Radio

01. Girl Can't Help It
02. Positive Touch
03. Suzanne
04. Be Good To Yourself
05. Once You Love Somebody
06. Happy To Give
07. Raised On Radio
08. I'll Be Alright Without You
09. It Could Have Been You
10. The Eyes Of A Woman
11. Why Can't This Night Go On Forever

1996 Trial By Fire

01. Message Of Love
02. One More
03. When You Love A Woman
04. If He Should Break Your Heart
05. Forever In Blue
06. Castles Burning
07. Don't Be Down On Me Baby
08. Still She Cries
09. Colors Of The Spirit
10. When I Think Of You
11. Easy To Fall
12. Can't Tame The Lion
13. It's Just The Rain
14. Trial By Fire
15. Baby I'm A Leavin' You

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2001 Arrival

01. Higher Place
02. All The Way
03. Signs Of Life
04. All The Things
05. Loved By You
06. Livin' To Do
07. World Gone Wild
08. I Got A Reason
09. With Your Love
10. Lifetime Of Dreams
11. Live And Breathe
12. Nothin' Comes Close
13. To Be Alive Again
14. Kiss Me Softly
15. We Will Meet Again

2005 Generations

01. Faith In The Heartland
02. The Place In Your Heart
03. A Better Life
04. Every Generation
05. Butterfly (she flies alone)
06. Believe
07. Knowing That You Love Me
08. Out Of Harm's Way
09. In Self Defense
10. Better Together
11. Gone Crazy
12. Beyond The Clouds
13. Never Too Late
14. Generations EPK

2008 Revelation

01. Never Walk Away
02. Like A Sunshower
03. Change For The Better
04. Wildest Dream
05. Faith In The Heartland
06. After All These Years
07. Where Did I Lose Your Love
08. What I Needed
09. What It Takes To Win
10. Turn Down the World Tonight
11. The Journey (revelation)
12. Only The Young
13. Don't Stop Believin'
14. Wheel In the Sky
15. Faithfully
16. Any Way You Want It
17. Who's Crying Now
18. Separate Ways
19. Lights
20. Open Arms
21. Be Good To Yourself
22. Stone In Love
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2010 Live! In Manila

01. The Journey/Majestic
02. Never Walk Away
03. Only The Young
04. Ask The Lonely
05. Stone In Love
06. Keep On Runnin'
07. After All These Years
08. Change For The Better
09. Wheel In The Sky
10. Lights
11. Still They Ride
12. Open Arms
13. Mother, Father
14. Wildest Dreams
15. When You Love A Woman
16. Separate Ways
17. What I Needed
18. Edge Of The Blade
19. Where Did I Lose Your Love
20. Escape
21. Faithfully
22. Don't Stop Believin'
23. Any Way You Want It
24. Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'
25. Turn Down The World Tonight
26. Be Good To Yourself

2011 Eclipse

01. City Of Hope
02. Edge Of The Moment
03. Chain Of Love
04. Tantra
05. Anything Is Possible
06. Resonate
07. She's A Mystery
08. Human Feel
09. Ritual
10. To Whom It May Concern
11. Someone
12. Venus

2014 The Frontiers Tour

01. Chain Reaction
02. Wheel In The Sky
03. Line Of Fire
04. Send Her My Love
05. Still They Ride
06. Open Arms
07. No More Lies
08. Back Talk
09. Edge Of The Blade
10. Jonathan Cain On Keys
11. Rubicon
12. Steve Smith On Drums
13. Escape
14. Faithfully
15. Who's Crying Now
16. Don't Stop Believin'
17. Stone In Love
18. Keep On Runnin'
19. Lights

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