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Freda Payne

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The multi-talented Freda Payne is best known for her singing career, yet she has also performed in musicals and acted in movies over the years, and briefly was the host of her own TV talk show. Born Freda Charcilia Payne on September 19, 1945, in Detroit, MI, Payne developed an appreciation of music at an early age (due to such sultry jazz singers as Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, and Billie Holiday). Payne's own musical career blossomed soon after, as she began early singing radio commercial jingles, which brought the young vocalist to the attention of several music-biz heavyweights. Berry Gordy, Jr. attempted to sign Payne to his then-burgeoning record company, Motown, while Duke Ellington employed Payne as the featured singer with his renowned orchestra for two nights in Pittsburgh, resulting in Ellington offering the teenager a ten-year contract. But in both cases, Payne's mother turned them down.

During the early to mid-'60s, Payne established herself as a fine jazz vocalist, touring the country with both Quincy Jones and Bill Cosby, and issuing a jazz/big band-based album in 1963, After the Lights Go Down Low and Much More!. In addition to a sophomore effort surfacing three years later, How Do You Say I Don't Love You Anymore, Payne enjoyed further exposure via appearances on such TV shows as Johnny Carson, David Frost, and Merv Griffin. But it wasn't until Payne signed on to the Invictus label in 1969 (headed by longtime friends/former Motown songwriters/producers Eddie Holland, Lamont Dozier, and Brian Holland) and issued the fine album Band of Gold that she scored her breakthrough hit single, the album's title track, which peaked at number three in the U.S. and topped the chart in the U.K. in 1970.

Although Payne never enjoyed another hit as substantial as "Band of Gold," several other successful singles followed in the early '70s: "Deeper and Deeper," "Cherish What's Dear to You," "You Brought the Joy," and the Vietnam protest song "Bring the Boys Home." Further albums followed throughout the '70s, including such titles as Contact, Reaching Out, Payne & Pleasure, Out of Payne Comes Love, Stares & Whispers, Supernatural High, and Hot, which all failed to make an impression on the charts. Payne then switched her attention from music to TV, as she hosted her very own (yet short-lived) talk show in 1981, Today's B lack Woman. The '90s saw Payne return back to music, as such albums as An Evening With Freda Payne and Christmas With Freda and Friends were issued, while Payne also landed roles in such movies as Private Obsession, Sprung, and Ragdoll. Payne continued to balance an acting and music career during the early 21st century, as she appeared in the 2000 Eddie Murphy comedy Nutty Professor II: The Klumps and the made-for-TV movie Fire & Ice, plus issuing an all-new album in 2001, Come See About Me. Around the same time, several hits compilations were issued, including such titles as Band of Gold: The Best of Freda Payne, Unhooked Generation: The Complete Invictus Recordings, and The Best of Freda Payne: Ten Best Series. Impulse re-released After the Lights Go Down Low in 2005, but failed to add any bonus material.
-- Greg Prato of All Music Guide.

Band of Gold

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1964After The Lights Go Down Low And Much More!!!
1966How Do You Say I Don�t Love You Anymore
1970Band Of Gold
1973Reaching Out
1974Freda Payne
1974Payne & Pleasure
1975Out Of Payne Comes Love
1978Stares & Whispers
1978Supernatural High
1979Freda Payne In Stockholm
1995Freda Payne Sings the (Unauthorized) I Hate Barney Songbook: A Parody
1996An Evening With Freda Payne: Live!
1996Christmas With Freda And Friends
2001Come See About Me
2007On The Inside


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1964 After The Lights Go Down Low And Much More!!!

01. After The Lights Go Down Low
02. Sweet Pumpkin
03. Blue Piano
04. The Things We Love To Do
05. Awaken My Lonely One
06. Sweet September
07. I Cried For You
08. �Round Midnight
09. Out Of This World
10. Lonely Woman
11. I Wish I Knew
12. It�s Time

1966 How Do You Say I Don�t Love You Anymore

01. How Do You Say I Don�t Love You Anymore
02. Yesterday
03. San Juan
04. You Never Should Have Loved Me
05. Let It Be Me
06. On Easy Street
07. You�ve Lost That Lovin� Feeling
08. It�s Here For You
09. Feeling Good
10. Sad Sad September
11. If You Love Me
12. Too Late

1970 Band Of Gold

01. Band Of Gold
02. I Left Some Dreams Back There
03. Deeper And Deeper
04. Rock Me In The Cradle
05. Unhooked Generation
06. Love On Borrowed Time
07. Through The Memory Of My Mind
08. This Girl Is A Woman Now
09. The World Don�t Owe You A Thing
10. Now Is The Time To Say Goodbye
11. Happy Heart
12. The Easiest Way To Fall

1971 Contact

01. I�m Not Getting Any Better
02. Suddenly It�s Yesterday
03. You Brought The Joy
04. Bring The Boys Home 05. You�ve Got To Love Somebody
06. The Road We Didn�t Take
07. Odds And Ends
08. Cherish What Is Dear To You
09. I Shall Not Be Moved
10. Mama�s Gone
11. He�s In My Life
12. Just A Woman
13. Come Back
14. You�re The Only Bargain I�ve Got
15. Deeper And Deeper
16. Band Of Gold

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1973 Reaching Out

01. Two Wrongs Don�t Make A Right
02. Reaching Out
03. For No Reason
04. Man Of My Dreams
05. Mother Misery�s Favorite Child
06. We�ve Got To Find A Way Back To Love
07. Mood For Love
08. Rainy Days And Mondays
09. If You Go Away
10. Right Back Where I Started From

1974 Freda Payne

1974 Payne & Pleasure

01. It�s Yours To Have
02. Didn�t I Tell You
03. I Get Carried Away
04. Run For Your Life
05. Don�t Wanna Be Left Out
06. Shadows On The Wall
07. I Won�t Last A Day Without You
08. The Way We Were
09. A Song For You

1975 Out Of Payne Comes Love

01. Look What I Found
02. I Hear Rumors
03. You
04. Keep It Coming
05. Seems So Long
06. You Brought The Woman Out Of Me
07. See Me One Last Time
08. Lost In Love
09. Million Dollar Horse

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1978 Stares & Whispers

01. Master Of Love
02. Love Magnet
03. Stares And Whispers
04. Feed Me Your Love
05. I Get High On Your Memory
06. Loving You Means So Much To Me
07. Bring Back The Joy

1978 Supernatural High

01. Happy Days Are Here Again
02. Pullin� Back
03. Tell Me Please
04. Just The Thought Of You
05. Livin� For The Beat
06. Falling In Love
07. I�ll Do Anything For You
08. Storybook Romance

1979 Freda Payne In Stockholm

1995 Freda Payne Sings the (Unauthorized) I Hate Barney Songbook: A Parody

01. I Hate You
02. Barney Is A Dinosaur
03. Bye Bye Barney
04. Bad Manners
05. Like Barney
06. Someday You�re Gonna Fade Out
07. Crunch, Crunch, Crunch
08. I Hate Barney
09. Stupidee Dupidee Ideas
10. No & Shut Up

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1996 An Evening With Freda Payne: Live!

01. Don�t Rain On My Parade
02. I�m A Woman
03. Little Girl Blue
04. One Mint Julep
05. Teach Me Tonight
06. Through The Memory Of My Mind
07. Cherish What Is Dear To You
08. The Road We Didn�t Take
09. Band Of Gold
10. Bring The Boys Home
11. It Don�t Mean A Thing
12. Take The �A� Train
13. In A Sentimental Mood
14. Rough And Ready Man
15. Beads
16. C�Est Si Bon
17. Stormy Weather
18. Oh, Lady Be Good
19. Here�s To Life

1996 Christmas With Freda And Friends

01. What Is Christmas To You?
02. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
03. The Christmas Song
04. Let�s Have Christmas Every Day Of The Year
05. Santa Baby
06. The Perfect Time Of Year
07. Silver Bells
08. O Little Town Of Bethlehem
09. O Holy Night
10. Silent Night
11. What Christmas Means To Me
12. This Christmas

2001 Come See About Me

01. Let�s Make Beautiful Music
02. I�ll Never Fall In Love Again
03. First Impression
04. I Live For New York City
05. At This Moment
06. You Turned The Tables On Me
07. You Complete Me
08. Come See About Me
09. I Couldn�t Live Without Your Love
10. Nice To Be With You
11. Just Like That

2007 On The Inside

01. Welcome To The Human Race
02. The Ideal Man
03. Even If My Heart Could Break
04. On The Inside
05. Love Unconditional
06. Beyond The Bedroom
07. Do You Still Dream About Me
08. I Don�t Want To Talk About It
09. Sexy Is A State Of Mind
10. Dreaming Wide Awake
11. Bring The Boys Home
12. Somebody For Everybody
13. I Don�t Want To Talk About It (remix)

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