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February 26, 1928 – October 24, 2017

The most popular exponent of the classic New Orleans R&B sound, Fats Domino sold more records than any other black rock & roll star of the 1950s. His relaxed, lolling boogie-woogie piano style and easygoing, warm vocals anchored a long series of national hits from the mid-'50s to the early '60s. Through it all, his basic approach rarely changed. He may not have been one of early rock's most charismatic, innovative, or threatening figures, but he was certainly one of its most consistent.

Domino's first single, "The Fat Man" (1949), is one of the dozens of tracks that have been consistently singled out as a candidate for the first rock & roll record. As far as Fats was concerned, he was just playing what he'd already been doing in New Orleans for years, and would continue to play and sing in pretty much the same fashion even after his music was dubbed "rock & roll."

The record made number two on the R&B charts, and sold a million copies. Just as important, it established a vital partnership between Fats and Imperial A&R man Dave Bartholomew. Bartholomew, himself a trumpeter, would produce Domino's big hits, co-writing many of them with Fats. He would also usually employ New Orleans session greats like Alvin Tyler on sax and Earl Palmer on drums � musicians who were vital in establishing New Orleans R&B as a distinct entity, playing on many other local recordings as well (including hits made in New Orleans by Georgia native Little Richard).

Domino didn't cross over into the pop charts in a big way until 1955, when "Ain't That a Shame" made the Top Ten. Pat Boone's cover of the song stole some of Fats' thunder, going all the way to number one (Boone was also bowdlerizing Little Richard's early singles for pop hits during this time). Domino's long-range prospects weren't damaged, however; between 1955 and 1963, he racked up an astonishing 35 Top 40 singles. "Blueberry Hill" (1956) was probably his best (and best-remembered) single; "Walking to New Orleans," "Whole Lotta Loving," "I'm Walking," "Blue Monday," and "I'm in Love Again" were also huge successes.

After Fats left Imperial for ABC-Paramount in 1963, he would only enter the Top 40 one more time. The surprise was not that Fats fell out of fashion, but that he'd maintained his popularity so long while the essentials of his style remained unchanged. This was during an era, remember, when most of rock's biggest stars had their careers derailed by death or scandal, or were made to soften up their sound for mainstream consumption. Although an active performer in the ensuing decades, his career as an important artist was essentially over in the mid-'60s. He did stir up a bit of attention in 1968 when he covered the Beatles' "Lady Madonna" single, which had been an obvious homage to Fats' style. --
Richie Unterberger of All Music Guide.

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Walking To New OrleansWalking To New Orleans
Blueberry Hill - Sullivan ShowBlueberry Hill - Sullivan Show
Ain't That A ShameAin't That A Shame


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2003The Legends of New Orleans: Fats Domino Live!
1999The Hits Alive
1999Live at Gilley's
1996Live in Concert [Remember]
1996The Fat Man Sings Live
1995The Fats Man
1993Christmas Gumbo
1988Easy Riding
1986The Fat Man Live
1985Live in Concert
1980Fats Domino 1980
1978Live in Europe
1976Live in New York
1974Live at Montreux
1974Big Rock Sounds
1973Live in Las Vegas
1971Cookin' with Fats
1970Ain't That a Shame
1968Fats Is Back
1967Fats Domino Swings
1966Southland U.S.A.
1966Getaway with Fats Domino
1965Fats Domino '65
1965Trouble in Mind
1964Fantastic Fats
1963Here Comes Fats
1963Here He Comes Again
1963Let's Dance with Domino
1963Just Domino
1963Walking to New Orleans
1962Twistin the Stomp
1962What a Party
1961Let the Four Winds Blow
1961I Miss You So
1960Fats Domino [United Artists]
1960A Lot of Dominos
1959Let's Play Fats Domino
1958The Fabulous Mr. D
1958Here Stands Fats Domino
1956This Is Fats
1956Rock and Rollin' with Fats
1955Carry on Rockin'


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2003 The Legends of New Orleans: Fats Domino Live!

01. I'm Walkin'
02. Let the Four Winds Blow
03. My Blue Heaven
04. I'm in Love Again
05. I'm Ready
06. Blueberry Hill
07. Girl I Love
08. Blue Monday
09. Poor Me
10. So-Long
11. When My Dreamboat Comes Home
12. I'm Gonna Be a Wheel Someday
13. The Fat Man
14. My Girl Josephine
15. Goin' to the River
16. Walking to New Orleans

1999 The Hits Alive

01. My Girl Josephine
02. The Fat Man
03. I'm Gonna Be a Wheel Someday
04. Blue Monday
05. Jambalaya (On the Bayou)
06. Blueberry Hill
07. When the Saints Go Marching In
08. Sentimental Journey
09. Fats Boogie
10. My Toot Toot
11. Rosalie
12. Medley: So Long/Stormy Weather
13. Going to the River
14. I'm Ready
15. I Want to Walk You Home
16. Whole Lotta Lovin'
17. I Almost Lost My Mind
18. Ain't That a Shame
19. I'm in Love Again
20. I'm Walkin'
21. Walking to New Orleans
22. Poor Me
23. Let the Four Winds Blow
24. Shake, Rattle & Roll

1999 Live at Gilley's

01. Blueberry Hill
02. I'm Walkin'
03. I'm Gonna Be a Wheel Someday
04. I'm in Love Again
05. My Girl Josephine
06. Jambalaya (On the Bayou)
07. Blue Monday
08. Walking to New Orleans
09. Ain't That a Shame
10. The Fat Man
11. My Toot Toot
12. Shake, Rattle & Roll

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1996 Live in Concert [Remember]

01. The Fat Man
02. Ain't That a Shame
03. I'm in Love Again
04. My Blue Heaven
05. So Long
06. Blueberry Hill
07. Blue Monday
08. I'm Walkin'
09. Whole Lotta Lovin'
10. When the Saints Go Marching In
11. I'm Ready
12. I Want to Walk You Home
13. I'm Gonna Be a Wheel Someday
14. Walking to New Orleans
15. My Girl Josephine
16. Let the Four Winds Blow
17. Jambalaya (On the Bayou)
18. Kansas City
19. Be My Guest
20. Blueberry Hill

1996 The Fat Man Sings Live [Ronn]

01. Blueberry Hill
02. The Fat Man
03. I Want to Walk You Home
04. Yes It's Me, and I'm in Love Again
05. I'm Walkin'
06. My Blue Heaven
07. Blue Monday
08. Ain't That a Shame
09. Walking to New Orleans
10. When the Saints Go Marching In
11. Your Cheatin' Heart
12. When My Dreamboat Comes Home
13. The Lady in Black
14. Lady Madonna

1995 The Fats Man

01. Fat Man
02. So Long/C.C. Rider
03. I'm in the Mood for Love
04. Domino Twist
05. I Want to Walk You Home
06. Ain't That a Shame
07. Let the Four Winds Blow
08. Whole Lotta Lovin'
09. I'm Ready
10. Hello Josephine
11. Blue Monday
12. Oh What a Price

1993 Christmas Gumbo

01. I Told Santa Claus
02. Christmas Is a Very Special Day
03. Jingle Bells
04. I'll Be Home for Christmas
05. Silver Bells
06. Frosty the Snowman
07. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
08. Blue Christmas
09. Silent Night
10. White Christmas
11. Please Come Home for Christmas
12. Amazing Grace

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1988 Easy Riding

1986 The Fat Man Live

01. Ain't That a Shame
02. Blueberry Hill
03. Blue Monday
04. Be My Guest
05. I Want to Walk You Home
06. I'm Gonna Be a Wheel Someday
07. The Fat Man
08. I'm in Love Again
09. I'm Ready
10. Jambalaya (On the Bayou)
11. Let the Four Winds Blow
12. My Girl Josephine
13. Red Sails in the Sunset
14. Whole Lotta Lovin'

1985 Live in Concert

01. The Fat Man
02. Blueberry Hill
03. Domino Twist
04. What a Price
05. Let the Four Winds Blow
06. Jambalaya
07. Medley: I'm in Love Again/Honey Chile/Red...
08. Medley: So Long/Natural Born Lover/C. C....
09. I'm in the Mood for Love
10. I Want to Walk You Home

1984 Jambalaya

1980 Fats Domino 1980

1978 Live in Europe

1976 Live in New York

1974 Live at Montreux

01. Hello Josephine
02. I'm in Love Again
03. Blueberry Hill
04. Jambalaya (On the Bayou)
05. Walking to New Orleans
06. I'm Gonna Be a Wheel Someday
07. Blue Monday
08. Mardi Gras in New Orleans
09. Stagger Lee
10. I Want to Walk You Home
11. Let the Four Winds Blow
12. I'm Walkin'
13. When the Saints Go Marching In
14. Sentimental Journey

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1974 Big Rock Sounds

1973 Live in Las Vegas

1971 Cookin' with Fats

1970 Fats

1970 Ain't That a Shame

1968 Fats Is Back

01. My Old Friends
02. I'm Ready
03. So Swell When You're Well
04. Wait Till It Happens to You
05. I Know
06. Lady Madonna
07. Honest Papas Love Their Mamas Better
08. Make Me Belong to You
09. One for the Highway
10. Lovely Rita
11. One More Song for You

1967 Stompin'

1967 Fats Domino Swings

01. The fat man
02. Blue Monday
03. I'm in love again
04. Going to the river
05. My blue heaven
06. Bo Weevil
07. Goin' home
08. Please don't leave me
09. Ain't it a shame
10. I'm walkin'
11. Whole lotta loving

1966 Southland U.S.A.

1966 Getaway with Fats Domino

01. When My Dreamboat Comes Home
02. Wigs
03. Trouble in Mind
04. Man That's All
05. Kansas City
06. Reelin' and Rockin'
07. On a Slow Boat to China
08. Monkey Business
09. Heartbreak Hill
10. The Girl I'm Gonna Marry
11. Why Don't You Do Right?
12. Ballin' the Jack

1965 Fats Domino '65

1965 Trouble in Mind

1964 Fantastic Fats

1963 Here Comes Fats

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1963 Here He Comes Again

01. Goin' home
02. Trouble in mind
03. Every night
04. When I see you
05. Oh ba-a-by
06. Ain't gonna do it
07. Your cheating heart
08. I can't give you anything but love
09. Along the Navajo trail
10. South of the border
11. Lil' Liza Jane
12. Telling lies

1963 Let's Dance with Domino

01. Ain't it a shame
02. I don't want to walk without you
03. I lived my life
04. Someday
05. Telling lies
06. When I see you
07. Just a little while(To stay here)
08. Oh ba-a-by
09. When you're smiling
10. Don't you know I love you
11. Yes my darling
12. True confession

1963 Just Domino

01. Teenage Love
02. Stop the Clock
03. Hum Diddy Doo
04. Those Eyes
05. I Want to Go Home
06. Dance With Mr. Domino
07. Nothing New
08. Birds and Bees
09. Wishing Ring
10. Oh La
11. No, No
12. Goin' Home

1963 Walking to New Orleans

01. How can I be happy
02. One of these days
03. So glad
04. Oh wee
05. Sailor boy
06. Lazy woman
07. Walking to New Orleans
08. My love for her
09. What's wrong
10. Little mama
11. I guess I'll be on my way
12. Goin' back home

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1962 Twistin the Stomp

01. Twistin the spots(Sun spot)
02. The twist set me free(Set me free)
03. I know
04. Every night
05. Town talk
06. Wait and see
07. Twistin the stomp(Domino stomp)
08. Don't deceive me
09. Helping hand(A long way from home)
10. The girl I love
11. Do you know what is means to miss New Orleans?
12. South of the border

1962 What a Party

01. Did you ever see a dream walking
02. Rockin bicycle
03. Before I grow too old
04. Ain't gonna do it
05. Bad luck and trouble
06. Hold hands
07. Trouble in mind
08. Coquette
09. What a party
10. I just cry
11. I've been calling
12. Tell me that you love me

1961 Let the Four Winds Blow

01. Along the Navajo trail
02. You win again
03. One night
04. I'm alone because I love you
05. Won't you come on back
06. Trouble blues
07. I can't give you anything but love
08. Good hearted man
09. Your cheating heart
10. Let the four winds blow
11. In a shanty in old shanty town
12. Am I blue

1961 I Miss You So

01. I miss you so
02. It keeps rainin'
03. Ain't that just like a woman
04. Once in a while
05. I hear you knocking
06. Isle of Capri
07. What a price
08. When I was young
09. Fell in love on Monday
10. My bleeding heart (My heart is bleeding)
11. Easter parade
12. I'll always be in love with you

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1960 Fats Domino [United Artists]

01. Ain't That a Shame
02. The Fat Man
03. I'm in Love Again
04. Blueberry Hill
05. My Blue Heaven
06. Blue Monday
07. I'm Walkin'
08. Whole Lotta Lovin'
09. I Want to Walk You Home
10. I'm Ready
11. I'm Gonna Be a Wheel Someday
12. Walking to New Orleans
13. Be My Guest

1960 A Lot of Dominos

01. Put Your Arms Around me Honey
02. Three Nights a Week
03. Shurah
04. Rising Sun
05. My girl Josephine
06. The sheik of Araby
07. Walking to New Orleans
08. Don't come knockin'
09. Magic Isles
10. You always hurt the one you love
11. It's the talk of the town
12. Natural born lover

1959 Let's Play Fats Domino

01. You left me
02. Ain't it good
03. Howdy podner
04. Stack&Billy
05. Would you
06. Margie
07. Hands across the table
08. When the saints go marching in
09. Ida Jane
10. Lil' Liza Jane
11. I'm gonna be a wheel someday
12. I want to walk you home

1958 The Fabulous Mr. D

01. The big beat
02. I'll be glad when you're dead you rascal you
03. What will I tell my heart
04. Barrelhouse
05. Little Mary
06. Sick and tired
07. I want you to know
08. "44"
09. Mardi gras in New Orleans
10. I can't go on
11. Long lonesome journey
12. Young school girl

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1958 Here Stands Fats Domino

01. Detroit City Blues
02. Hide Away
03. She's My Baby
04. New Baby
05. Little Bee
06. Every Night About This Time
07. I'm Walkin'
08. I'm in the Mood for Love
09. Cheatin'
10. You Can Pack Your Suitcase
11. Hey! Fat Man
12. I'll Be Gone

1956 This Is Fats

01. The rooster song
02. My happiness
03. As time goes by
04. Hey la bas
05. Love me
06. Don't you hear me calling you
07. It's you I love
08. Valley of tears
09. Where did you stay
10. Baby please
11. Thinking of you
12. You know I miss you

1956 Rock and Rollin' with Fats

01. Reelin' and Rockin'
02. School Days
03. My Ding-A-Ling
04. Too Much Monkey Business
05. Memphis
06. Maybellene
07. Nadine
08. The Fat Man
09. Blueberry Hill
10. Oh What a Price
11. Domino Twist
12. Let the Four Winds Blow
13. I'm in the Mood for Love
14. Please Don't Leave Me
15. I'm Ready
16. I'm in Love Again
17. Be My Guest

1955 Carry on Rockin'

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