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Chubby Checker was the unrivaled king of the rock & roll dance craze; although most of the dances his records promoted -- the Pony, "the Fly," and the Hucklebuck, to cite just three -- have long since faded into obscurity, his most famous hit, "The Twist," remains the yardstick against which all subsequent dancefloor phenomena are measured. Born Ernest Evans on October 3, 1941, in Spring Gulley, South Carolina, he worked in a local poultry shop while in high school, and while on the job often entertained customers by singing and cracking jokes. His workplace antics helped win an audition with the local Cameo-Parkway label, who signed the fledgling singer in 1959; at the suggestion of no less than Dick Clark's wife, the portly youth was re-christened Chubby Checker, the name a sly reference to Fats Domino.

Checker's first single, "The Class," showcased his skills as an impressionist; while the record became a minor novelty hit, none of its immediate follow-ups were successful. In 1960, however, he recorded "The Twist," a cover of a 1958 Hank Ballard & the Midnighters B-side; Checker's rendition de-emphasized the original's overtly sexual overtones, focusing instead on the song's happy-go-lucky charms. The single rocketed to number one during the autumn of 1960, remaining on the charts for four months; some time after it dropped off, it slowly returned to prominence, and in late 1961 it hit number one again; the only record ever to enjoy two stays at the top more than a year apart. After "The Twist" first made Checker a superstar, he returned to the top in 1961 with "Do the Pony"; that same year, he also reached the Top Ten with "Let's Twist Again," which assured the dance's passage from novelty to institution.

In addition to 1961's "The Fly," Checker's other Top Ten hits included three 1962 smashes: "Slow Twistin'," "Limbo Rock," and "Popeye the Hitchhiker." He even starred in a pair of feature films, Twist Around the Clock and Don't Knock the Twist. In total, Checker notched 32 chart hits before the bubble burst in 1966; as interest in dance novelties dwindled, he briefly turned to folk music, and became a regular on the nightclub circuit. From the 1970s onward, he was a staple of oldies revival tours; in 1982, more than a decade after his last studio LP, he signed with MCA and issued the disco-inspired The Change Has Come, scoring a pair of minor hits with the singles "Running" and "Harder Than Diamond." In 1988, Checker returned to the Top 40 for the first time in a quarter century when he appeared on the Fat Boys' rap rendition of "The Twist," and he continued touring regularly throughout the decade to follow.

-- by Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide

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American Bandstand 'The Twist'American Bandstand "The Twist"
Pony TimePony Time
Estelle - The Twist with Chubby Checker on Dancing With The StarsEstelle - The Twist with Chubby Checker on Dancing With The Stars


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1960Chubby Checker
1960For Twisters Only
1960Twist With Chubby Checker
1961It�s Pony Time
1961Let�s Twist Again
1961Your Twist Party
1962Twistin� Round The World
1962For Teen Twisters Only
1962Don�t Knock The Twist (Soundtrack)
1962Down To Earth
1962Limbo Party
1963Chubby Checker In Person
1963Hooka Tooka/Loddy Lo
1963Let�s Limbo Some More
1963Beach Party
1964Chubby Checker With Sy Oliver
1964Folk Album
1971The Other Side Of Chubby Checker
1982A Change Has Come
2001Sixty Minute Workout Session
2001Texas Twist
2001Toward The Light
2002Chubby Checker Live!
2002Let�s Twist Again (Planet)


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1960 Chubby Checker

1960 For Twisters Only

01. Blueberry Hill
02. Your Feet�s Too Big
03. Hound Dog
04. Twist Train
05. Mr. Twister
06. Whole Lotta Shakin� Goin� On
07. Hold Tight
08. Shake Rattle And Roll
09. But Girls
10. At The Hop
11. Dance With Me Henry
12. Rock Around The Clock

1960 Twist With Chubby Checker

01. Twistin� USA
02. Ooh Poo Pah Doo Shimmy
03. CC Rider Stroll
04. Strand
05. Chicken
06. Hucklebuck
07. Twist
08. Madison
09. Love Is Strange Calypso
10. Mexican Hat Twist
11. Slop
12. Pony

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1961 It�s Pony Time

01. Pony Time
02. Watusi
03. Hully Gully
04. Stroll
05. Mashed Potatoes
06. Hi Ho Silver
07. We Like Birdland
08. Let�s Dance Let�s Dance Let�s Dance
09. Shimmy
10. Charleston
11. Dance The Mess Around
12. Pony Express

1961 Let�s Twist Again

01. I Could Have Danced All Night
02. Jet
03. Continental Walk
04. I Almost Lost My Mind
05. Fishin�
06. Quarter To Three
07. Let�s Twist Again
08. Ballin� The Jack
09. Peanut Butter
10. Ray Charles-Ton
11. Takes Two To Tango
12. Dance-A-Long

1961 Your Twist Party

01. The Twist
02. Rock Around The Clock
03. Blueberry Hill
04. Whole Lotta Shakin� Goin� On
05. Ballin� The Jack
06. Twistin� USA
07. Let�s Twist Again
08. Hound Dog
09. Mexican Hat Twist
10. The Hucklebuck
11. Mister Twister
12. I Could Have Danced All Night

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1962 Twistin� Round The World

01. Twistin� Round The World
02. Let�s Twist
03. Hava Nagela
04. Twist Mit Mir
05. Never On Sunday
06. Twist Marie
07. Let�s Twist Again
08. Twistin� Matilda
09. O Sole Mio
10. Tea For Two
11. Alouette
12. Misirlou

1962 For Teen Twisters Only

01. Lose Your Inhibitions Twist
02. Peppermint Twist
03. Your Lips And Mine
04. Slow Twistin�
05. Fly
06. Shout
07. Twist-A-Long
08. Love Is Like A Twist
09. Runaround Sue
10. Twistin� The Blues
11. Dear Lady Twist
12. Twistin� Bones

1962 Don�t Knock The Twist (Soundtrack)

1962 Down To Earth

01. Down To Earth
02. You Came A Long Way From St. Louis
03. Play It Fair
04. What A Combination
05. I Really Don�t Want To Know
06. Let The Good Times Roll
07. Do You Love Me
08. Pledging My Love
09. One More Time
10. Loving You
11. Make Love To Me
12. Hello Baby Goodbye

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1962 Limbo Party

01. La Limbo
02. Mary Ann Limbo
03. Man Smart, Woman Smarter
04. Baby, Come Back
05. Somebody Bad Stole The Wedding Bell
06. The Bossa Nova
07. Limbo Rock
08. When The Saints Go Limbo In
09. Jamaica Farewell
10. Banana Boat Limbo Song
11. Desafinado (slightly out of tune)
12. La Bamba

1963 Chubby Checker In Person

01. Twist It Up
02. Kansas City
03. Rip It Up
04. Soul Twistin�
05. Don�t Let Go
06. Twist
07. Don�t You Just Know It
08. I�m Walkin�
09. Johnny B. Goode
10. Let�s Twist Again
11. Maybellene
12. Hi-Ho Silver

1963 Hooka Tooka/Loddy Lo

1963 Let�s Limbo Some More

01. Let�s Limbo Some More
02. How Low Can You Go
03. Manana
04. Cindy Oh Cindy
05. Girl With The Swingin� Derriere
06. Peanut Vendor
07. Twenty Miles Limbo
08. Mother Goose Limbo
09. Run Chico Run
10. Rim And Coca Cola
11. Lotta Limbo
12. Mama Look-A Boo Boo

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1963 Beach Party

01. Surf Party
02. The Killer
03. Oo-Kook-A-Boo
04. We�re Goin� Surfin�
05. Limbo Side By Side
06. Twist It Up
07. Birdland
08. Nothin� But The Twist
09. Mashed Potato Love
10. She Said
11. She�s A Hippy
12. Let�s Surf Again

1964 Chubby Checker With Sy Oliver

01. Absurd Bird
02. Rockin� Chair
03. Like A Wheel A-Turning (in my heart)
04. Sweet And Heavenly
05. Time After Time
06. Old Time Religion
07. Fever
08. Georgia On My Mind
09. Everything�s Gonna Be Alright
10. Yes Indeed
11. On Broadway
12. I�m On My Way

1964 Folk Album

01. Go Tell My Baby
02. Hey Bobba Needle
03. Dodang
04. Ole Anna
05. Everybody Loves Saturday Night
06. Ah Si Mon Moine
07. Loddy Lo
08. Sippin� Cider Through A Straw
09. Tzena Tzena
10. 6-0-9
11. Hooka Tooka
12. Doncha Get Tired

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1965 Discotheque

01. Dancin� Party
02. Whole Lotta Shakin� Goin� On
03. Fly
04. Hully Gully Baby
05. Jet
06. Wah-Watusi
07. She Wants To Swim
08. Hucklebuck
09. Let�s Dance Let�s Dance Let�s Dance
10. Slow Twistin�
11. Run Chico Run
12. Gravy (for my mashed potatoes)
13. Fishin�
14. Hava Nagela
15. Bossa Nova
16. Hi-Ho Silver
17. Dance-A-Long
18. Lose Your Inhibitions Twist
19. Popeye (the hitchhiker)
20. Mashed Potato Time
21. Shimmy
22. Toot
23. Limbo Rock
24. Pony Time
25. Let�s Twist Again
26. Bristol Stomp
27. La Limbo
28. Mexican Hat Dance
29. Mess Around
30. Mashed Potato Love
31. Ray Charles-Ton
32. Twist

1971 Chequered

1971 The Other Side Of Chubby Checker

1982 A Change Has Come

01. Running
02. I�ve Got Love (that�s hard to find)
03. Harder Than Diamond
04. Run To Me
05. Under My Thumb
06. Burn Up The Night
07. Rock It To Me Rudy
08. Your Love
09. Don�t Be Afraid It�s Only Rock & Roll
10. T-82

2001 Sixty Minute Workout Session

01. Knock Down
02. Dust
03. I Wanna Be Married To You
04. Take It Up
05. Heavenly Feeling
06. Be Careful
07. Twistasize
08. A Little Bit Of This
09. Something Serious
10. Feel So Good

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2001 Texas Twist

01. The Twist
02. Honky Tonk Girls
03. Rowdy Country Boys (like me)
04. You�re Just What I Needed
05. Slide Up Closer
06. From Here �Til Eternity
07. The Texas Twist
08. The Other Side Of Nashville
09. That�s What It Takes
10. Run to Me
11. Take Me Back To Oklahoma
12. Slow Twistin�

2001 Toward The Light

01. Dust
02. Something Strenuous
03. A Little Bit Of This
04. Take It Up
05. Knocked Down
06. Be Careful
07. Locked Inside
08. Twistasize
09. I Wanna Be Married To You
10. Feel So Good

2002 Chubby Checker Live!

01. Twist And Shout
02. The Fly
03. My Magic Girl
04. I Saw Her Standing There
05. Pony Time
06. Slow Lovin� (slow twistin�)
07. Blueberry Hill
08. Peppermint Twist
09. Take Me Back To Oklahoma
10. Kansas City
11. Dancing Party
12. I�m The Man
13. Let�s Twist Again
14. The Twist
15. Treat Me Nice
16. Whole Lotta Shakin� Goin� On

2002 Let�s Twist Again (Planet)

01. Let�s Twist Again
02. Limbo Rock
03. Twenty Miles
04. Pony Time
05. Slow Twistin�
06. Let�s Limbo Some More
07. Popeye (the hitchhiker)
08. The Hucklebuck
09. Dance The Mess Around
10. The Twist
11. The Fly
12. Let�s Do The Freddie
13. Twist It Up
14. Dancin� Party

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