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Candi Staton

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Born March 13, 1940, in Hanceville, AL, Candi Stanton sang with the Jewell Gospel Trio as a teenager. They toured the traditional gospel circuit in the 1950s with the Soul Stirrers, C.L. Franklin, and Mahalia Jackson. They recorded several sides for Nashboro, Apollo, and Savoy Records between 1953 and 1963.

In 1968 Staton launched solo career as a Southern soul stylist, garnering 16 R&B hits for Rick Hall's legendary Fame Studios and gaining the title of First Lady of Southern Soul for her Grammy-nominated R&B renditions of the country tunes "Stand by Your Man" and "In the Ghetto." In 1975 Staton saw Southern soul falling out of fashion and began collaborating with producer Dave Crawford, who propelled her into a disco diva with dance songs such as "Young Hearts Run Free" and "Victim."

In 1982 Staton had been disgruntled with Warner Brothers' passing interest in her career and a career slump, so she returned to the gospel field. She and her husband, John Sussewell (drummer for Ashford & Simpson), founded Beracah Ministries in Atlanta with help from Jim and Tammy Bakker's PTL Ministries. She has since recorded eight popular gospel albums, two of which have won Grammy nominations.

In 1992 she was back in the pop mainstream with a Top Ten British hit, "You Got the Love," a club-styled dance hit that sold two million copies. Since joining Intersound Records in 1995, Staton has begun to sing some of her old R&B hits again and recorded some new message-oriented pop songs while gaining a new title, the Sweetheart of Soul. In 2000, she released her 11th album, Here's a Blessing. Following the release of a well-received compilation of her Fame-era material (2004's Candi Staton), Staton returned to secular music in the form of 2006's His Hands. -- Bill Carpenter of All Music Guide.

Young Hearts Eun Free
Amazing Grace

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1969I'm Just A Prisoner
1971Stand By Your Man
1972Candi Staton
1976Young Hearts Run Free
1977Music Speaks Louder Than Words
1978House Of Love
1980Candi Staton '80
1983Make Me An Instrument
1985The Anointing
1986Sing A Song
1990Love Lifted Me
1990Stand Up And Be A Witness
1991Standing On The Promises
1993I Give You Praise
1995It's Time
1997Cover Me
1999Outside In
2000Here's A Blessing
2001Christmas In My Heart
2002Proverbs 31 Woman
2006His Hands
2008I Will Sing My Praise To You
2009Who's Hurting Now?
2011Evidence: The Complete Fame Records Masters


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1969 I'm Just A Prisoner

01. I'm Just A Prisoner
02. Someone You Use
03. Another Man's World
04. He Called Me Baby
05. Old Man's Sweetheart
06. Sure As Sin

1971 Stand By Your Man

01. Stand By Your Man
02. How Can I Put Out The Flame
03. I'm Just A Prisoner
04. Mr. And Mrs. Untrue
05. Too Hurt To Cry
06. He Called Me Baby
07. Sweet Feeling
08. To Hear You Say You're Mine
09. What Would You Become To Me
10. Freedom Is Just Beyond The Door

1972 Candi Staton

01. I'm Just A Prisoner
02. Evidence
03. I'd Rather Be An Old Man's Sweetheart
04. The Best Thing You Ever Had
05. Someone You Use
06. That's How Strong My Love Is
07. Another Man's Woman, Another Woman's Man
08. He Called Me Baby
09. Sweet Feeling
10. Do Your Duty
11. Love Chain
12. Stand By Your Man
13. Heart On A String
14. Too Hurt To Cry
15. You Don't Love Me No More
16. Mr. And Mrs. Untrue
17. How Can I Put Out The Flame
18. To Hear You Say You're Mine
19. Sure As Sin
20. What Would Become Of Me
21. In The Ghetto
22. Get It When I Want It
23. Freedom Is Beyond The Door
24. I'll Drop Everything And Come Running
25. The Thanks I Get For Loving You
26. I'm Gonna Hold On

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1974 Candi

1. Here I Am Again
2. Your Opening Night
3. A Little Taste Of Love
4. Going Through The Motions
5. Stop And Smell The Roses
6. We Can Work It Out
7. As Long As He Takes Care Of Home
8. But I Do
9. Can't Stop Being Your Fool
10. Clean Up America
11. Six Nights And A Day

1976 Young Hearts Run Free

1. Run To Me
2. Destiny
3. What A Feeling
4. You Bet Your Sweet, Sweet Love
5. Young Hearts Run Free
6. Living For You
7. Summer Time With You
8. I Know

1977 Music Speaks Louder Than Words

1. Nights On Broadway
2. You Are
3. A Dreamer Of A Dream
4. Music Speaks Louder Than Words
5. Cotton Candi
6. Listen To The Music
7. When You Want Love
8. One More Chance On Love
9. Main Thing
10. Before The Next Teardrop Falls

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1978 House Of Love

1. Victim
2. Honest I Do Love You
3. Yesterday Evening
4. I Wonder Will I Ever Get Over It
5. I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
6. So Blue
7. Take My Hand, Precious Lord

1979 Chance

1. I Ain't Got Nowhere To Go
2. When You Wake Up Tomorrow
3. Rock
4. Chance
5. I Live
6. Me And My Music

1980 Candi Staton '80

1. Looking For Love
2. Halfway To Heaven
3. One More Try
4. If You Feel The Need
5. The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game
6. It's Real
7. Betcha I'm Gonna Get 'Ya
8. Living Inside Me

1982 Nightlites

1. Love And Be Free
2. Suspicious Minds
3. In The Still Of The Night
4. The Sunshine Of Our Love
5. Hurry Sundown
6. Tender Hooks
7. Count On Me

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1983 Make Me An Instrument

1. Sin Doesn't Live Here Anymore
2. God Can Make Something Out Of Nothing
3. Let Go And Let God
4. Make Me An Instrument Of Your Love
5. He's No Farther Than A Thought Away
6. Oh How He Must Love Me
7. God Specializes
8. Nothing Can Separate Me

1985 The Anointing

1. He Set Me Free
2. Blessed Assurance
3. He Cares For You
4. We Adore You Holy Spirit
5. Now Jesus Is My Song
6. Jesus Is Here Right Now
7. I Will Praise
8. The Anointing

1986 Sing A Song

1. Sing A Song
2. He Is Lord
3. To Glorify Your Name
4. It's Not Easy
5. Have You Tried God
6. The First Face I Want To See
7. God's Got It
8. He's Coming Back

1990 Love Lifted Me

1. When Jesus Took Over My Life
2. Sweeter As The Days Go By
3. When We All Get To Heaven
4. I Must Tell Jesus
5. Uncloudy Day
6. Love Lifted Me
7. Higher Ground
8. Highway To Heaven
9. Caught Up

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1990 Stand Up And Be A Witness

1. Stand Up And Be A Witness
2. I'm Depending On You
3. You Don't Know The God You Serve
4. He's Always Been There
5. Advance
6. God's Got The Answer
7. The Glory Of Jesus
8. Hallelujah
9. You Got The Love

1991 Standing On The Promises

1. The Blood Rushes
2. Standing On The Promises
3. No Not One
4. There Is The Power In The Word
5. Glory Is His Name
6. Living On The Edge Of Time
7. Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled
8. Oh, I Want To See Him
9. When He Reached Down His Hand For Me
10. Finally, Finally

1993 I Give You Praise

1. Jesus Cannot Lie
2. We've Got The Power
3. Dance, Dance, Dance
4. Take This City
5. Friend
6. I Give You Praise
7. Mountain, Move
8. Give Me A Song To Sing
9. Closer
10. Dance

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1995 It's Time

1. When I See The Blood
2. Mama
3. Somebody's Knocking
4. I'm Changed
5. The Greatest Worship
6. Prelude
7. Born Again
8. You Can Make It
9. He Steps In
10. Rapture Me 11. I Want To Grow
12. Prelude (reprise)

1997 Cover Me

01. Cover Me
02. Bridge Over Troubled Water
03. Fix it
04. Medley
05. Tears That Mama Cried
06. Hold On, I'm Coming
07. It's The Anointing
08. Rock Of Salvation
09. It Won't Be Too Long
10. Old Landmark
11. The First Face I Want To See
12. Set My Spirit Free
13. Cover Me (reprise)

1999 Outside In

1. Love Yourself
2. Young Hearts Run Free
3. Love On Love
4. Outside In
5. You're Still The Lightning
6. Whadda You Want
7. Bouncing Back
8. Musical Freedom
9. Reach
10. Love Has Come To Stay
11. Wake Up Everybody
12. You Got The Love

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2000 Here's A Blessing

1. Shut Up And Start Praying
2. What Would Jesus Do
3. Each Time I Turn The Page
4. Come Ye Disconsolate
5. Heart
6. My Faith Looks Up To Thee
7. Savior More
8. Have Thine Own Way, Lord
9. God Will Take Care Of You
10. Along
11. Mama Testimony
12. Mama
13. The First Face I Want To See
14. Love Yourself

2001 Christmas In My Heart

1. Christmas In My Heart
2. What Kind Of Child Is This
3. Joy To The World
4. Go Tell It On The Mountain
5. Silent Night
6. Wise Men Still Seek Him
7. Come Let Us Adore Him
8. Christmas Is On The Way
9. On A Christmas Night
10. Change In My Life

2002 Proverbs 31 Woman

1. Proverbs 31 Woman
2. Hallelujah, Anyway
3. I Need To Make Some Changes
4. Change In My Life
5. Tell It
6. I Rest My Case
7. When There's Nothing Left But God
8. Glory, Glory, Glory
9. Just Because You Are
10. You Gonna Be alright
11. Les Brown's Prayer For America
12. We Are Americans Medley
13. Brand New Hope
14. Did You Finish Your Assignment

2006 His Hands

1. You Don't Have Far To Go
2. When Hearts Grow Old
3. It's not Easy Letting Go
4. His Hands
5. How Do I Get Over You
6. You Never Really Wanted Me
7. I'll Sing A Love Song To You
8. In Name Only
9. Running Out Of Love
10. Cry To Me
11. When Will I

2008 I Will Sing My Praise To You

1. Just Because You Are
2. I Will Sing My Praise To You
3. Alpha And Omega
4. Heart I Am To Worship
5. At The Cross/He's All I Need
6. Just Jesus
7. Undignified
8. Jesus Makes My Morning Sing
9. I Will Rejoice
10. Our God Saves
11. It's Harvest Time
12. Butterfly
13. Grace, They Call It Amazing
14. Don't Miss Your Moment
15. It's Your Season

2009 Who's Hurting Now?

1. Breaking Down Slow
2. Who's Hurting Now
3. I Feel The Same
4. Mercy Now
5. I Don't Know
6. Lonely Don't
7. Get Your Hands Dirty
8. Dust On My Pillow
9. Cry Baby Cry
10. I Don't Want For Anything
11. The Light In Your Eyes

2011 Evidence: The Complete Fame Records Masters

1. Someone You Use
2. I'd Rather Be an Old Man's Sweetheart
3. You Don't Love Me No More
4. Evidence
5. Sweet Feeling
6. Do Your Duty
7. That's How Strong My Love Is
8. I'm Just A Prisoner
9. Another Man's Woman, Another Woman's Man
10. Get It When I Want It
11. For You
12. Never In Public
13. Heart On A String
14. Stand By Your Man
15. How Can I Put Out The Flame
16. Mr. And Mrs. Untrue
17. Too Hurt To Cry
18. He Called Me Baby
19. That Old Time Feeling
20. To Hear You Say You're Mine
21. What Would Become Of Me
22. Freedom Is Just Beyond The Door
23. Where Were You
24. Do Right Woman
25. Trouble, Heartaches and Sadness
26. Spread Your Love On Me
27. Do It In The Name Of Love
28. Darling, You're All That I Need
29. Blackmail
30. In The Ghetto
31. Wanted: Lover
32. The Best Thing You Ever Had
33. Loving You, Loving Me
34. I'll Drop Everything And Come Running
35. The Thanks I Get For Loving You
36. Sure As Sin
37. It's Not Love (but it's not bad)
38. Something's Burning
39. I'm Gonna Hold On
40. Love Chain
41. Slipping Away
42. One More Hurt
43. Lovin' The Easy Way
44. Are You Just Building Me Up
45. I'll Be Here
46. I Gave A Little And Lost A Lot
47. Jolene
48. We Had It All

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